No. 17 Lower Mountpleasant Avenue, Ranelagh (-660k, -60%)


Was 1.1 million … =firefox-a

Now 850k


€479/sq foot


Sold for €440,500 … enue%2C%26


Sold again for €975k. Don’t remember seeing the listing for this one.


I just saw this on PPR now - sold on 19/4/2021 - and I couldn’t find any listing for it either. It must have been renovated.


Interesting, is there some requirement to register if there’s been a revaluation of a property or something like that?


I don’t think so. Presume after it was renovated, it was sold by private agreement between the seller and purchaser and so it wasn’t necessary to advertise it (on, etc).


By the way, when I referred to “It must have been renovated” above, my point was that I presume it was renovated in order to explain the increase in price from e440,500 in 2012 to e975 in 2021. I don’t believe the market jumped that much in that time.