No.45 Ros Na Rí, Shanaway Road, Ennis -153k(-34.93%)

Was 438k as a 4 bed
Now 419500 as a 5 bed!

now €419k … D=qpuvqtty


Now 369k

Interesting aside - Currently 27 out of 106 residential properties on Leyden site are showing sale agreed (25%). Would have thought this is quite high (unless they’re not changing status to Sold when the deal closes?)

leydens have one of the worst records for updating their website. they never take sold property off

I noticed exact same thing this morning when looking through Costelloes EA website…29 out of 67 properties Sold/Sale Agreed. That’s 43%!!

My company rented a commercial property from them in Nov 05. Six months later they still had it for rent.

Sale agreed last updated 14/9/2010

Now 285k

259950 sale agreed 02/02/2012

Final price €250000 according to the ppr.