No 48 Leinster Park, Harrolds Cross, Dublin 8.

I went to see No. 48 Leinster Park Harrolds Cross last year - a very nice 4 bedroomed house in good development close to town (sorry have not figured out how to paste the links). It was 1.1 million when I viewed it last July and the EA told me when I was there that an identical house had previously sold for 1.3 million.

Now there are four houses for sale in the same development - all four beds and all in a similar condition. Three of them are 950k and one is 900k. Am not sure which one it was (no. 48/no.19/no.66 or no. 40) has just very recently come down from 1 million to 950k.

66 Leinster Park, Harold’s Cross, E900,000:
However, it was E975,000:,+Harold%27s+Cross,&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1

48 Leinster Park, Harold’s Cross, E1,000,000:
This one was E950,000, so they’ve increased their price recently. I’m sure it will come down when they see their neighbours price!!