No 7 Curzon St SCR Dublin 8 - 75k

Was 950k - will post link of old price when I find out how to do it…

Now 875k … earchlist=

down another 75k

Now €800k … earchlist=

EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

2 bedrooms for a mere 800k.


How many bulgarian apartments is that? :smiley:

It seems better value to me than a 1 bed in Booterstown with a view of the Dart for almost €500k, which was approx 10k per sq meter, this is roughly 9k per sq m

I’m having a quiet evening, so am going through the ‘drops’ forums. I’d say most of these have been captured in Somas report, but the time scales are interesting.

The siege mentality seem stronger on the Southside.

Moving on to West Dublin forum now. This could be interesting.

I lived in a place like this for nearly 3 years, very close to this one. The one I lived in appeared fine at first (hence why we chose to rent it) but after approx 2 years the serious (and I mean serious) damp began to show.

Also, I had a surveyors report carried-out on a similar kind of property in Rathmines in 2001 when I considered buying - more or less a waste of money - opinions in report qualified in every respect - no wiser after the event as to damp, etc.

I’m familiar with reports being qualified as it’s what I do for a living but the reports I issue satisfy a statutory need for clients; the surveyor’s report didn’t satisfy any needs!

Be very careful with these places.

Its back! Now detailed at No. 17, but the pictures and property ID are the same?!

Now €750k (-200k)