No comment - a photo thread

I thought it would be worth having a photo thread that show the state of the market in photos. Here are my first few tries.

The Grange 10pm Sunday night (2 apartments lit out of about 35 visible)

Beechview Court 9pm Sunday night (10 apartments lit of about 60 visible)

Merrion Hall 9pm Sunday night (2 apartment lit out of about 30? (not sure if one or two aparments per set of slidey doors))

Interesting notion, although I think given the bank holiday weekend that was in it, I’m not sure you could read too much into this.

Strangely, I drove by the Grange at 8pm on a Friday night recently (not the bank holiday weekend) and also counted exactly 2 apartments lit among those facing the road.

From watching the last few months this is typical. Name a date and time where you think most would be home and I will get the photo. I’d Sunday or Monday evening would be the time when most people would be at home but long weekends may be an exception.

Don’t get me wrong, I live in this area and can see the lights on. For a long time the Thornwood building closest to the junction (with all the trees in front, which BTW could come through your window in a decent storm) used to only have 1-2 lights on on a work day evening. There are a lot more on now.

Merrion Hall has been slowly lighting up, I’ve seen a max of about 4 lights on a work day evening.

The Irish Nationwide / Booterstown Wood building looked for a long time like no work was being done to it. Wrapped up weather safe and left, but in recent times I’ve seen some building activity. Not a lot though, doesn’t look to me like they’ll finish anytime soon.

9pm on a Tuesday would probly be a good time to go taking pictures. Lots of people go and Do Stuff on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but Tuesday is a vegetate-in-front-of-telly night.

Extrapolating from individual experience to the general

Monday and wednesday are my veg nights Tesday is busy busy busy

Sounds like I need to take a photo everynight and make an animation out of it :wink:

yep, and such a shame RTE didnt take time lapse footage of developments. Our great national broadcaster.
This could have been done over a year ago. We even mentioned it in threads a long time ago!!

Do you think it’s ok to have the national public service broadcaster pointing camera’s at your house for a year and then broadcasting the results to the nation?


Note to self.

Must stop washing the windows at night in underpants. Or at least change them once a week.

Well anyone can look at anyones window!

Your not singling any particular window out

You need to get a view of the entire apartment block (only really works with apartment blocks) and all the detail you need is what lights are on and off not what people are having for dinner. No one is on display. Not anymore than they want.

Interesting, the curtains in the grange and Merrion Hall ways seem to be open, so I think some blocks may have timers on the lights so they don’t seem empty. The odd thing is they are ceiling lights.

That’s what I noticed too. Thornwood was slow to take up but looks to be almost fully occupied now. Merrion Hall looks empty.

The exterior of the Irish nationwide developemnt has been put in place. There were always a few people workin in it, I dont think there’s a rush to complete the job as there aint exactly queues forming to buy these things.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I was wondering if this was possible. I remember driving past one of the new apartment blocks along the Stillorgan dual carriageway at Christmas and it appeared as if every third balcony had the exact same set of patio furniture. It just looked really odd.

I noted that in Merrion Hall, they all have the same white metal stuff. I first thought that each apartment had two balconies then I noticed that places upstairs of each other had the same furniture!

Good to see people finally taking their environmental responsibility seriously.

Ard Michael, Longford Town
Tuesday 18/3/2008, 10pm

If you look closely enough and your monitor’s brightness is high you can make out the houses.

They don’t bother with street lights here any more - despite the development being on the market for several months, not one unit is occupied.

EDIT: Price slashed by €43,500 (15%) since 20 Feb 2008 … cd=4&gl=ie

Would make a good headline for an article… :blush:

How gracious of them.