No Fair Deal for Bertie says Tom McGurk

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Ireland’s External Debt close to $2,000,000,000,000

Who the hell, did McGurk say created this Economic Miracle?

See what happens when you have too many kids with Miriam O’Callaghan, drives you mental. Should’ve used contraception.

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A guy called John who earned €150,000 a year from the Property Business sniffed four grams a day and six at the weekend. I would guess allot of the Property Profits went a similar way. This is a sizeable part of the booming economy created by McGurk’s Fianna Failers. Pity his former wife is spoiling the party.

We are now a nation of cocaine addicts up to our neck in Debt! Is this a legacy to be proud off?

You’d think a serious journalist would be curious as to how this ‘miracle’ was visited upon the plain people of Ireland It sure as hell wasn’t pragmatism, more like willful neglect and an utter disregard for any attempt to built lasting prosperity in this country. McGurk though is willing to ‘overlook’ Ahern’s ‘weaknesses’ because of his hand in this supposed miracle. Its laughable, it really is laughable.

We havent got to the stage yet where people may or may not begin to feel the need to make an appraisal of the whys and wherefores. Many Irish people, especially those who may inhabit a similar social environment as the likes of McGurk, have a much more affluent lifestyle than they did 10 years ago. The dole qeues are still tiny in comparison to what most of us can remember them being in the past. Emigration has reversed and people are flying to New York in their droves to go shopping. What Dunphy used to describe as “official Ireland” ie the type of people who get might excited about Riverdance, are still living it up on the back of the property explosion.

IMO many of these people see Bertie as an extension of themselves, the ordinary Joe made good. The fella who never forgot his friends and who still trots down to Fagans for a few pints. As McGurk says, he (Bertie) only did what they would have done had they been in the same position themselves. No matter who else is affected or the extent of the dire circumstances that others may find themselves in, nothing is ever a crisis until these people and those dear to them are directly affected. Once that begins to happen we’ll hear all sorts of hard hitting revisionist theories on the excesse of the Bertie years. Until then, mines a bass and whatever you’re having yourself.

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