No light fittings included in Sale


I’m buying a house and when I went to my solicitor to check the contracts I realised that no light fittings were included in the sale, this had not been made clear to me prior to this and the house went sale agreed in November.

I’m very annoyed and am tempted to reduce my offer, any advice?

If I were in your shoes I would consider that if someone were to take this approach then what else may they be hiding in relation to the property.
As a result I would reduce my offer by the cost it will take to rewire the entire house.

I wouldn’t have assumed light fittings were included but it does need to all be agreed pre-contract signing.

I would ask them to include them in the sale and get a note to that effect put in the contract.

See what they say - Id say youll get your light fittings and whatever the hell else you want.

Some information on fixtures/fittings and the sale contract. Link to

That is very annoying. And I would concur with previous poster… if they’re that mean, what else are they taking out… light bulbs, switches, curtain poles, doors, plants… My sister bought a house a few years ago in Ashbourne… the vendor had taken out the only fireplace and replaced it with a bit of board and skirting that didn’t even match. I would be quite wary OP, and insist on a very detailed inventory.

Did it specifically say the fittings weren’t included, or does the contract just not mention them? If the contract doesn’t mention them at all, I would be inclined to think they will be included with the house. Get your solicitor to confirm this before going in all-guns blazing with threats.

I don’t understand the issue. When we bought our first place the light fittings had been removed and each replaced with a normal bayonet socket and bare bulb. I had no problem with that and even expected it as the light fittings there looked very expensive (previous owners ran an interior decorating business). We bought our own light fittings. Some were just functional and others where we really liked the design. We took the latter with us when we sold and there was no issue with the buyer. Then when we bought again last year it was the same scenario. The vendor left some light fittings behind (that we will dump in time and replace with something we like) and left other rooms with bare bulbs. Seems completely normal to me.

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You are right, the vendor is quite within their rights to exclude certain light fittings (i.e expensive ones). OP, does the contract state which rooms the light fittings are to be removed, and do you concur that these are non-standard fittings. I must say though I was a bit miffed that on buying our house light fittings had been removed without notice and just the bare circular yoke with electricity contacts left behind. I absolutely wouldnt have minded if these had been replaced with standard leads.

In fairness to the OP, some vendors will take literally everything, and one needs to be vigilant.

Thanks for all your responses.

In clarification, the contract states that no light fittings are included in the sale.

Its a large house and replacing all the lights would cost a lot of money.

A detailed inventory is a very good idea.

The answer to this is really simple.
Get them to make a list of what is going.
Then chop the price to reflect the cost of replacing what fixtures and fittings are being taken out.

Be prepared to walk.

If the contract states that no light fittings are included then there is no need to walk away??

Most contracts include F&F as standard.
If they are removing them, then it’s time to negotiate.

Sounds like the house was bought on the Dieandsell uh I mean buyandsell

Are the switches and whatnot very fancy (like brass?)

Or are the vendors just being belligerent.

I never really understood what a light fitting was. Does it include everything bar the wire hanging down from the ceiling?
You have a right to go back and clarify as they could screw up your ceilings depending what and how they remove stuff.

Keep it polite at first, though.

Again thanks for your responses.

I got on to the EA who talked to the vendor and the upshot is that 3 very expensive fittings are not included but the rest are. The vendor is blaming his solicitor for not making this clear on the contract.

I don’t mind this but would have prefered to know earlier in the process.