No Part 5 Housing

Is this going to become the developers latest thing i wonder?

Getting a site not found for that link

mmm works fine for me

If I may be so stupid… what it part 5 housing?

Part 5 housing is affordable housing, right?

At least you can sleep at night knowing the neighbours earn over a certain level.

i suppose thats my point, rather than saying no social welfare boyos here, but couched in such a way not to cause a storm, as “part 5 housing” means nothing to the majority of us, unless we google it

I think it also includes “social housing”.

(Not that it means anything anyway, the developer will probably be stuck flogging these off to the council or renting out to rent allowance tenants.)

I love the picture of the bus on the intro page!

Just to hammer home the point that you are buying in commuter hell!

Also “prices start from €239,000” even if they were starting from €139,000 who wants to live in Ballyduff?

You’re forgetting about the "highlight of Ballyjamesduff’s social diary" : the International Pork Festival :smiley:

These houses featured in the show house program last week on Rte 1, the rooms in the houses looked a bit on the small side.