No plans for Irish Covid-19 compensation scheme

No plans for Covid-19 compensation scheme

The Government is working on establishing a compensation scheme for people who suffer injury caused by a State vaccination programme.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said there were no plans “for the introduction in Ireland of a Covid-19 specific vaccine compensation scheme” in parliamentary correspondence to Independent TD Catherine Connolly, according to The Irish Times.

However, he added a report from 2020 on medical negligence claims would be considered alongside a review conducted by the Health Research Board on vaccine injury redress schemes in other countries.

I don’t see why compensation should be considered.

The State, in good faith, is trying to keep people healthy by providing a free vaccine. A small % of bad experiences is to be expected

Manufacturers should pay compensation - they made the things.

Or China.

They are providing nothing. You are paying for it without choice and being mandated to take it or become second or even third class peasantry.

Health my bollox. FFS Jackal, you are smarter than this.

So you think it’s OK not to compensate people who have been adversely affected by a vaccine that has effectively been forced onto them on pain of being reduced to a second class citizen as doors are closed on the unvaccinated!

Well, are they not asking to sign the disclaimer before the inoculation occurs?