No Second Opinion When Under Medical Tyranny

GP not in line with Provid Regime, bricks descend. :-1:

GP “vaccine” puff piece! :+1:

Whats even more interesting is the CV of the guy at the HSE who is demanding the doctor do as he is told against his medical judgement…

At age 16, Reid began his first job as a trainee installer at the Department of Posts and Telegraphs. The job involved connecting landline telephones to homes and businesses, climbing telephone poles on the roadside to run lines.[9] In 2005, Reid began his second job working for Eircom as an underground cable jointer and later qualified as a technician. By the time he left Eircom in 2010, he was Executive Director of Networks and Operations.[10]

Studying at night, he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations at the National College of Ireland, and later a Masters in Business Administration at Trinity College Dublin.[4][11]

From 2010 to 2011, he worked as Head of Corporate Affairs with international development charity Trócaire, where he worked on an agenda to strengthen the overall governance of the organisation and on the implementation of best practice in HR, finance, risk management and communications.[4]

From 2011 to 2014, Reid joined the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform as the Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he had a leading role in the development, implementation and oversight of the government’s reform programme across the civil and public service.[12] His big project was to secure a saving of €1 billion in the second round of public service pay cuts, leading to the Haddington Road Agreement, a difficult proposition as ASTI rejected its findings.

In 2014, he was appointed Chief Executive of Fingal County Council.[13]

So the classic backstabbing careerist bastard by the sound of it. Very odd CV. Even for a backstabbing bastard.

One interesting fact about Irish doctors is they dont take the Hippocratic Oath or any kind of equivalent declaration like the Declaration of Geneva it seems. Like in most other countries. Which explains a lot.

It’s very hierarchical/conformist in Irish medicine. Very. Small field & small country. Used to be hard to stay in the country for some specialities - needed a fantastic cv and great references. So, people who don’t ‘fit’ either emigrate or, if they stay, have a slow or mediocre career trajectory. GPs are more likely to retain independent thought then those who are city or hospital-based.

Plus much more regulation now. They brought in compulsory CPD (continuous professional development) ?ten years back, so you have to be either on a recognised training body, or postgraduate school, and do the required courses/conferences/paperwork for CPD. The IMC changed the way they do the register declarations - requiring details about your type of job/medical insurance etc.

As Dr Water’s case shows, they can suspend your license to practice - as this then deprives an individual of the right to earn a living, it then goes to the high court to confirm or revoke.

The groupthink is strong - most doctors are decent and well-meaning and most I know are very eager to get vaccines themselves - but they have their critical thinking reduced by year after year of training and groupthink. Non-conformity is very dangerous career-wise. Even apart from the usual confidentiality & don’t talk out of turn issues, I think a lot of HSE contracts may have gag clauses now as well.