No To NAMA Demo - Joe Higgins sat 19 sept outside Anglo Iris

No To NAMA Demo - Joe Higgins sat 19 sept outside Anglo Irish Bank

He’s a gobshite!
a 24-hr shite - WTF - we have international customers -that type of carry- on would simply not be tolerated. What use would more unemployment be?
Something tells me he’s preaching to a particular section of the Irish workforce!

Joe is many things but neither a gobshite or a fool. He’s a decent human being who practises what he preaches. I have many differences with him on a wide spectrum of issues but within the Irish political landscape in terms of rectitude and sincerity- he’s a top man in my view


Totally disagree with Joe on many issues, but count him as probably the most decent honest politician of our time. Keep on rockin’ Joe.

joe and sinnfein are the only ones seriously trying to defeat NAMA, they get my vote any day

He seems to be rather confused.

He is calling for the banks to be nationalised ‘lock stock and barrel’ whilst standing in front of the Anglo Irish Bank headquarters.

His ideas always come across as confused to me. During the start of his speech, he comes out on the side of small businesses that have been destroyed by the recession. But, surely the Socialist Party is opposed to entrepreneurship, or, as left-wingers prefer to call it ‘speculation’ and ‘profiteering’? Is he saying he likes some elements of capitalism? If so, I agree with him, but I don’t think he is really saying that.

He was heavily involved in the anti-water charges campaign a few years ago and indeed did time in chokey as a result. Does he not realise taxes are the only thing that pays for social services? Where does he think the money to pay for the state benefits he so stridently defends comes from?

In summary, he wants banks - all banks - to be nationalised. He also wants the government to break down the doors of its own banks, i.e., vandalise its own ‘assets’. He wants social welfare payments to be maintained in full but doesn’t want any taxes on ‘working people’. He denounces the private sector as ‘speculators’ and ‘profiteers’ but also defends small businesses.

He is a very good orator. The best in Irish politics for a generation. I think that’s why so many fall for his bullshit spiel.

I’d like to know what future vision they propose for Ireland. Admittedly, the FF present version ain’t all that great.

Communism. … alisation/

Nationalise SR Technics, Eircom, Anglo, Dell, Waterford Crystal and any other business that’s failing.

But hey, Joe is a great 'ole fellow and the most honest politician out there 8DD

I agree Joe is probably the most sincere and honest politician around, especially since Tony Gregory’s untimely demise. I disagree with him on almost everything, but at least he actually believes what he is saying (I often wonder how) unlike most of the gombeens in Leinster House. In many ways he epitomises what real democratic politics should be about, people prepared to fight for deeply held beliefs and seek support for them, rather than conducting straw polls and then appealing to the highest scoring opinion which is what has been passing for politics in this country for so long.

A politician with a real conviction 8DD

Unlike most of them who should have convictions XD

Sharp as a whistle Ozzy :wink:


I agree, completely untrue
Joe and SF are damaging the anti nama campaign by mixing the anti lisbon thing in there

Absolutely. I walked away from the protest yesterday because of this.