'No to NAMA' Street Protest on 12th Sept - 2:00pm

Is it time to organise an anti Nama (devolpers and bankers welfare scheme) street protest. Not sure how thats done, but I’m sure some people here would know.

Pick a date. suggest Saturday 29th of August. Spread the word across the net. Get a million out? or two?


Current details for protest are:

12th September departing Garden of Remembrance at 2pm heading for the Dail.

Full details on the Facebook Group page - “No to NAMA” and irishpeopleunion.com**

Problem is that the million or two are home-owners who see this as a ray of hope to keep the values of their houses up.

There’s your rally. People are motivated by self-interest. Organise a protest against NAMA because it’s going to decrease house prices and watch as the people flock. Might cause a few sweaty nights for the FF spin doctors as they try to formulate a response to that one.

I’m in.

Me too. Sharpening the pitchfork as we speak…

I’m in.
Especially for a rally where we can get the South Kerry farmers involved too in Killarney.

We can invite John “Ulyssees” O’Donoghue, Homer of the Odyssee fame along too for entertainment.

The message is how that NAMA will reduce the value of their houses, increase their mortgage and tax payments and bin charges.

There should be no explanation necessary other than showing that NAMA is going to be dealing with 90billions of debt and that there are only 2,000,000 properties in Ireland.
However here’s what I think will work for the simple people:

  1. The value has to come from somewhere, so that means 45,000 Euros to be paide of each of them properties.
  2. 45,000 to be paid by them property owners or mortgage holders.
  3. Double that since the value has to be borrowed over at least 10 years.
    So 90,000 per citizen to be taken from their pockets.

Has your son or daughter lost his/her job?

What’s your FF fucked up goverment doing about that ha?

I would also join this, may I suggest that it be let known that this protest will symbolically “take” the G.P.O. if they resist this then we kick the f…ing doors in and thrash it…I’ll be at the back …shouting everyone on, might even do a bit of looting, the bastards!

No seriously lets do something!

I was in until I saw this post. We have to be above any sort of “forceful protest”. We need to get bus-loads of families to this and their safety must be paramount. You’re probably being tongue-in-cheek but talk is dangerous.

At this stage I see no way other than some form of “appropriate” force being necessary to bring about the change to current FF and Green party actions.

I deal with certain persons from these parties on a regular basis through my work.
They really only understand things when they are being forced into it, under the influence of call it a cattle prod up their backsides.

Reason and thought processing doesn’t work with these sort.

Sure if it did we wouldn’t have had bubble or bust as so far has occurred?

Right now pressure of the hard kind will be necessary.

For sure I don’t want anyone or any property of the state injured or damaged but definitel if there were a few members present then they could certainly do with a spanking:


OK that’s me out, I need my job right now.

The only bit of tounge and cheek was the bit about me at the back, you just don’t get how serious this is! This isn’t about a bunch of old dears losing their medical card, I know it’s a bit of a cliche now but if this was France the streets would be in flames. These people are stealing our future… talk is dangerous my arse. They’ll laugh at your "what do we want, when do we want it nonsense.

I’m thinking my placard might read “I know what you did last September!”.
Or “100% bankrupted by 100% mortgages, this product was regulated by Fianna Fail.”
I’m on for a protest, dissent and rancor where no one gets hurt is part of any healthy democracy and failure to practice that right will weaken it.
I like the Saturday as weekdays are bad for me.

Couldn’t agree more. Got many more of them AK’s lying around Catbear? :laughing:

Right, thats 12 so far.

Only 999,988 more needed…

Quote Needle: Right, That’s 12 so Far…

I call them The 12 Apostles!

I’ll be on my holliers! Either way, Ireland can go to fuck. I’m out.

That is very important. Don’t complicate things. People are already very suspicious of FF and a mere sugeston that there is something dodgy going on is enough.

Of course I’m in. You’ll need to work the crowd a bit as numbers count. We will also need the media to arrive. We’ve done that before so we have the contacts. It would also be worth writing letters to the newspapers explaining in very little detail what FF are up to.

Ehhhhh. We are looking for people to heed our message. Nobody will even listen if a bunch of people go out and break the place up. Gotta say if there is violence it will do the cause harm not good. FF would really love that. If there is violent intent then 'm out.

Will need a simple unified message as to why are against and, in fairness, at least the outline of a workable alternative.

Good luck with that… :smiling_imp:

And aren’t you in Australia Rick? You going to protest the embassy? :stuck_out_tongue: