'No to NAMA' Street Protest on 12th Sept - 2:00pm

I am in Australian Tug to be sure, getting a regular ribbing from colleagues wanting to know what its like to be from a third world country. :laughing:

I would like to think that the diaspora here would be capable of attending a protest at the embassy, but, alas, I seriously doubt it.

Their time will come.

Given the diverse collection of opinions represented by the Pin I seriously doubt we could all agree on a workable alternative. But why focus on that and give Fianna Fail something to attack? We know NAMA is not what it is purported to be and we know it’s a bailout of the developers and the banks, we know it creates unquantifiable risks for the taxpayer in return for no gain. We know it will saddle our children with an unreasonable burden of debt and taxes. So why not focus on getting this message across?

I’m in.

If the message and the approach are right then I’m in too.

Me too.

I’m in too. This is seriously needed in order to get some headlines in places outside of the Property Pin. The message must be communicated to the public at large. Papers like the Star, the Herald, etc only give fleeting mentions of this swindel, and an awful lot of people dont actually realise whats going on as a result.

Someone who’s good at these kind of things, should nominate a time and place, and get the ball rolling.

I’m in, but again on the condition of no vigilante type demonstrations. The message would be completely lost, and instead it would be about ‘the riot’, and not ‘the rip-off’.

If people can PM me with any contacts they have in Daily Star, Irish Daily Mirror that would be nice…

I reckon something along the lines of " If there’s nothing underhanded about NAMA, why can’t we have transparency in their dealings?/ What are you trying to hide?" will click with the masses. Joe public doesn’t have an ounce of trust in this government any more and a suggestion of more grand scale shennanigans should do the trick.

Also, if we’re all agreed on the 29th, I’ll do the necessaries re Gardai etc. Lemme know.

29th . I`m in with knobs on. :nin

I dropped into Pearce St Garda station one hour before the last protest. They asked about numbers and I said about 50. They said no problem but probably best to give the sargent a bell. So, no need to drop in persoanlly, just ring them and ask for the sargent.

Would it not be better to leave enough time to organise something considerable - the last protest was noble and hats off to those who organised and took part but 50 people outside the dail isn’t going to make any sit up and take notice. There’s 200 on short notice outside the 4 courts for the Thomes Cook affair (no pun intended :wink:) and that’s harly got the masses talking.

I think big numbers are essential and it would be good to harness people’s mistrust of the government and NAMA (regardless of their personal reasons). It might be worth contacting the guy who set up that new website (irishpeopleunite) as he seems to have a lot of people registered and registering. I know I’ve an issue with most of the posts on that site but there is a clear distaste for what’s going on among the registered users which could be harnessed under a common banner, say more transparency and debate on NAMA to ensure the government take the right course of action and don’t shaft everyone or even to get a some sort of dialog with political leaders to make them aware of the rising concerns?

some sort of dialog with political leaders to make them aware of the rising concerns?

They know and they dont give a fck.

I was thinking that myself. What say you OnlyOne?

The last protest was small yes that is true. However, remember we got on TV3. We got mentioned in the newspapers and we did three radio interviews. There was also a chance to get on RTE but I chickened out.
This proves numbers are important but contacting the media and getting their hoops on site is the most important thing. MortgageBroker did most of the media contacting so we need him in the picture again if only to get the phone numbers.
Also, and vitally important, the message is something people want to hear right now. I have a lot more confdence of getting coverage this time. People are boiling angry.

Fianna Fail have many people working monitoring the media and sites like this. They know what is going on. Hi FF. :smiley: See you soon.

I’d say Lenny is quaking in his boots… :unamused:

Yea, I hear you and I agree but if we could force them to address the issue or have some forum where we can force them to interact it would be a start. We won’t achieve anything by taking 50 people to the Dail - while I didn’t agree with reinstating the medical card the pensioners and associated groups had the right approach - strength in numbers!

Yea. You’ve always been a helpful fellow when anybody gets up and does something. You were telling us all to cancel the protest last time. To me you represent the Irishman who complains but does nothing about it. Funny that we have a bunch of people who are ready to enter the fray and you’re back at it again.

Yes, I agree that we’d likely get more coverage now but the fact is 50 people or even 250 people will be ignored by the government - 150,000 people are less likely to be ignored.

THat only adds to my point BB. They dont care evn thogh they know.

Im still on for the 29th though. :nin