No use whining or talking about the GPO now … 09069.html

Oh man I wish I could get money like that, WITH NO COST ATTACHED TO IT.

One thing I do know you dont get free money, or get debt for nothing.
The whole way down the line you used the term OWES which implies Debt which comes at a cost.
Lets forget about that little issue, lets also forget about the little issue about running a business and the costs associated with it.

I have seen some insane stuff the last couple of weeks.

There just seems to be an agenda to spout crap and ignore simple facts or rules…

Again, its the overleveraging of debt that got us into this mess for the short term gain.
Debt or bailout is bringing forward future demand to satisfy/pay for the now.

Being unable to Repay this debt is what got us into this mess.
Repaying our Sovereign Debt will get us into our next Crisis.

This Article for me get(s) the Stupidity of the Week Article.

Little bit of advise for those who continue to support this government
2 Words
Shut up!

Actually I think its the clearest article of the week. It was in direct response to a whining editorial full of mock outrage about our forefathers.
The message of the article is that you reap what you sow.
If you take the shilling you have to follow the drum.
The very same people who cheered on our loss of independence are now bemoaning the consequences.

It turns out the cosy consensus of social partnership, tax breaks for the “entreprenuers”, and signing away our independence incrementally was a complete Fuck up.

Surely nobody can argue with that statement? With the president of UL getting paid more than the German chancellor.

So the premise of the argument is that Ireland’s economy is dependent on American tourists?

well i know there is ant glee policy here but people

did vote for FF/PD
supported big tax cuts and increases in expenditure " Spend it when i have it!
borrow huge sums to buy shacks all over the place
borrow to take 2-3 holidays a year
borrow to buy the latest BMW, Mondeo, Focus and had to have 2 cars rather than surviving on one
were incredibly arrogant and dismissive of warnings that this would lead to disaster
No opposition party went out on a limb to say the property bubble would lead to ruin

Only a couple of months ago my parents were telling me how lazy the Greeks were!! WTF. We have more debt then they do

However, just because all of the above is true does not mean u have to condemn an entire generation to debt penury.

Good article. Spot on. I blame the media almost as much as the footsoldiers. As pointed out in its body, there has been an inordinate amount of social/psychological conditioning that has taken place, at least during the course of my lifetime (1970s to present). To question any of it was to be immediately labelled a loon or soembody who wished to revert to DeValera’s 1950s. ‘Ireland Inc’ was the buzzword and now that its insolvent, these same fools are seeking to play the patriot game.

While a simplistic analysis of our problems will point to the property bubble and its trappings as being the reason for our woes, IMO the increased influence of the globalised system of finance based and ever increasing consumerism has been its root cause.

Talk about countries and sovereignty is rubbish and is only a smokescreen. They havent existed for years (if they ever really did). Its the banks, the financiers and their pawns and instruments elsewhere across the system.

Even Eric Cantona knows this…

yeah and the sick thing is that the Media will get to dictate the narrative of all of this.

John Waters? This is the same John Waters who said there is a bit of Fianna Faíl in all of us. The same John Waters who went on the Late Late prior to the last election and campaigned for Fianna Faíl.
The man is a spoofer of the highest order and regualrly disappears up his own backside when trying to make his point.
Jhn sometimes it helps to have a point first. I am so tired of these HYPOCRITICAL,MEDIOCRE WANKERS! :smiling_imp: :imp:

that’s just ad hominem stuff.

If you voted yes to Maastrict and Lisbon do I get to make fun of you and call you a mediocre wanker?

The main thing is are the points in his article right or wrong?

It’s pretty clear that he has always disagreed with Fianna Fail on signing over sovereignty.
And was mocked as a loon for doing so.
It turns out he was right.