Noonan to sell "Ireland is not Greece T-shirts" … e-t-shirts

I notice we’re not saying “Ireland is not Iceland” anymore. Probably because we are…

I would imagine that Spain’s leaders are starting to get cautious about saying that Spain is not Ireland…

I think he was taking the piss FFS. :unamused:

Well I hope he was. Gulp.

What a stupid statement. Ireland has never been and will never be Greece, Portugal of any other country. Was this a moment of mirth from Minister Noonan or had he done a biffo and drank a little too much of the black stuff BD

Sounds like your atypical politician who doesnt know when to shut up and stop digging.

How about an “Ireland is” range ie we define ourselves in terms of what we are rather than what we are not?

So we like coffee, but we’re also pissheads.

We’re supposed to be lazy but we live in a green rainsodden, rather than sundrenched, climate.

We prefer potatoes to pasta or rice.

We have two opposing political parties with identical policies, who represent different strands of the same demographic.

We are avowedly Catholic rather than Protestant, whilst in some rural areas retaining an almost mystical belief in faeries etc, as well as fascination with the Virgin Mary above the Christ figure

We have a penchant for spending our (new) money on gaudy tasteless Southfork style abodes in the middle of the countryside.

We have had in our past numerous armed political movements.

We have in our past (and maybe our present), a caste of robber baron politicians, loved by the people for their roguish ways.

In essence,while Ireland is neither Greece nor Portugal it is actually South America.

IRELAND is SOUTH AMERICA (the continent)

Kevin Kilbane says we aren’t.