Noonan 'very confident' of State bailout exit in 2013

i was very confident man utd would beat spurs 3 weeks ago, utd lost, ah well.

What type of exit are we being fed here? :angry:

so what, we will still be drowning in debt

except we wont even have the pressure of the IMF to even pretend to have reform

wonder is he very confident about limerick winning the All Ireland next year?

Look, it’s going to be a default. At not no softly softly reform type or restructuring arrangement but instead an outright default.
I’d like to start a thread here where we list articles that are pointers or “Sings of impending Default”

We need that now I believe? What do people think?

Mods, could this be allowed to be kept in the Central Bank section rather than being kicked into the Piston Broke?

The feared bogeyman of the IMF comes in, spends three years whining and dining in the Merrion and is sent packing without barely a dent made in the horrendous current a/c deficit or the current spending level in excess of 2007! The era of excess.

The IMF and the rest have a credibility issue after this debacle. They bottled it big time.

We got away with it by being the little good boys and girls, or as I like to say to anoy some of my union colleagues by being good “little lads and lassies” and by paying the bond holders and selling out the country to foreigners and maintaining the status quo of corruption epsecially here and also abroad.

Well March 2013 is when the asset sales commence, I wonder just what the hell they are planning on selling?

The EU/ECB need a result. My guess is that we’ll get a bank deal and promise of a safety net (bond buying) from the ECB and we’ll be ‘free’ again. IMF have never been in the driving seat on this one.

Well Mr Noonan would say that, wouldn’t he.

Imagine if he was dead honest and said, no, Ireland won’t be leaving the market.

Strikes me of the same thing Brian Lenihan was saying about us not needing the IMF right until they turned up at the door with the cheque. Brain knew well, but had to fly the Ireland is open for business flag.

Noonan confident of second bailout is more like it

‘Norbert Barthle, leader of the CDU group in the influential Bundestag budgetary affairs committee, said it would have to be considered as a second EU-IMF programme, which would come with a new set of conditions’.

Wonder will one of the conditions be to make more than a half assed atttempt to atually tackle the deficit