Noonans latest use of the English language

Noonan appears to make qualified statements in a very nonchalant and unqualified manner, Noonan:" House price rise sign of ‘tentative’ recovery" and the latter is the latest stupidist remark he ever made. I am not saying that feta cheese does not melt but in principal it is possible: in fact it is tentatively possible therefore If one can logically think about it, it is thefore in principal tentative.
Now like a lot of Pinsters over the Christmas I have noticed that the vested Interests have tried to make the pigs eat swine meat on a simple calculation of the property tax and the CSO figures for November in relation to property price Increases means that in 2014 the average LPT will have increased from e315 to e346.50 and as is obvious from budget 2013 our elected reps will do all in their power do to see that value of house prices increase.
Anybody wish to explain how over taxing and over mortgaging people will lead to a recovery? … 79429.html
The figures I used above are based on the average value of a Family home across Ireland pre budget 2013 of e175000 .