North Docklands - On the Rise !

A lot of recent announcements lately regarding building development in the North Docklands

New 18 Storey office building opposite the 3 Arena.
Ballymore / Oxley new offcie buildings on North Wall Quay.
New accommodation buildings for circa 1000 students at Point Village
Planning application lodged to construct a new roadway linking North Wall and Upper Sheriff St.
Announcement today that NTMA will be moving to new office headquarters beside the New Central Bank Building.
Several new retail outlets opening in the point village.

Looks like the area between the Spencer Dock and the East link Bridge is about to transform from an ugly duckling into a swan and that property values in the area will continue to rise.

The real winners were those that bought apartments in the Allsops auctions back in 2012 when prices in the area were at the floor. 2 Bedroom apartments were bought for as low as 125k and are now going for 300k and with a Luas line close by can only continue to rise.

no area with 1000 students will maintain a swan like appearance!

But who cares about swans!

It’s all about extracting cash and profits from hard pressed students - and their parents!

Only if they sell them. Students here (are allowed to) bring nothing but misery to residential areas.

I would say in a densely populated area like the North Docklands they will get diluted fine. Trinity Halls in Dartry has also a 1000 places and it does not bring any problems to the other residents from what I hear and also judging by the local property prices around there.

The whole point is the Docklands is not a residential area it is a mixed area in the heart of the city

Yet another large new office development for the North Docklands.

This latest large office building will be located at the corner of North Wall Quay and Castleforbes Road.

Nama is to finance an €87 million Grade A office development on the North Wall Quay in the Dublin docklands. The site previously formed part of the development lands held by the now defunct Treasury Holdings near the 3 Arena.
Receiver Declan McDonald of PwC has lodged a planning application for the seven- to nine-storey block containing office space of more than 35,302sq m (380,000sq ft) which will be capable of accommodating 4,000 workers.
Key addition
ABK Architects has designed the building which will have one of the largest single floor plates in Dublin (4,180sq m/45,000sq ft) with the option of subdividing it.
Nama chief executive Brendan McDonagh said the proposed development would be a key addition to Nama’s plan to make the Dublin docklands a better place to invest, create jobs or find a home.
Ronan Corbert of DTZ Sherry FitzGerald, which has been appointed letting agent for the offices, said the delivery of such a significant amount of prime water-fronting space was exactly what Dublin city required as the acute shortage of offices loomed ever larger.
One of the unique selling points of this building would be the size of the floor plates. He said office buildings in Dublin traditionally tended to have relatively small floor plates unlike other international cities such as London and San Francisco where large single divisible floor plates were common.
This latest planning application follows recent proposals submitted to Dublin City Council by Nama-appointed receivers for Ireland’s tallest commercial office building, known as Exo, and the single largest student accommodation block planned for Mayor Street in addition to a strategic north-south street linking North Wall Quay and Sheriff Street.
These developments near the 3 Arena will anchor this part of the North Quays and possibly establish it as one of the gateways into the city.

What’s happening with the famous glass bottling site that was the DDDA’s downfall? Is something actually going to be built on it any time soon?

The EXO building looks like it’ll be ugly as sin. Looks like a caravan plonked onto the land next to the 3 arena. … -building/

New Hotels for the North Docklands- from todays Irish Independent.

As many as 3,500 new hotel bedrooms are in the development pipeline for Dublin and about 2,500 of these may be provided in 13 new hotels according to Daniel O’Connor of agents JLL. The others would come from extensions including those already underway and in the planning pipeline.
On the other hand developers who opt to build hotels in the docklands Strategic Development Zone may find it easier to get planning permission and as a result funding may prove more readily available for those projects.
In a survey of existing docklands accommodation, JLL counted 1,157 hotel guestrooms in Docklands spread among only five hotels of four star quality. However with over 4 million sq ft of offices in Docklands this equates to only one guestroom per 3,457 sq ft of built office stock “which is well below the Dublin business park / corporate location average of one guestroom per 2,000 sq ft of office stock,” O’Connor says.
This survey does not allow for the extra demand for the thousands of people who attend events in the three major docklands venues: The Convention Centre, Three Arena at the Point and Bord Gais Energy Theatre.
The docklands shortage is set to become even worse when some of the numerous office projects currently at planning stages within the North Docklands are developed. These include Ballymore Oxley’s 650,000 sq ft of offices and over 200 apartments in Project Wave; Exo 224,500 sq ft office building at the Point Village and an office led development at Spencer Dock extending to 510,000 sq. ft and including a 169 guestroom hotel;
Earlier this year O’Connor predicted that the north docklands would attract a number of new hotel projects partly because its SDZ planning zone facilitates fast track development but also because development sites are not as expensive as in south docklands where site values are driven by office plans.
Since he made those predictions a company linked to Paddy McKillen has signalled its intention to lodge plans next month for a new 150 bedroom hotel on the site of a former warehouse at North Wall Quay close to the Central Bank’s new headquarters and at the front of the Project Wave site.
These are in addition to plans for the 169 bedroom Spencer Dock hotel on the former British Railway Hotel site on North Wall which is being sought by David Hughes and Luke Charleton of Ernst & Young, receivers to Spencer Dock Development Company.
Meanwhile The Irish Infrastructure Fund, which is managed by Irish Life Investment Managers and AMP Capital, has acquired the license to build and operate a 330 bedroom hotel on a site to the rear of the Dublin Convention Centre. The fund is backed by a €250 million cornerstone commitment from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, formerly the state owned National Pension Reserve Fund.

Project Wave Granted Planning Permission---- NTMA to move into New Offices in 2018

The development will be completed in three phases.
The first phase, which has now been granted permission by the city planners, involves the construction of two interlinked office blocks of seven and nine storeys - almost 43 metres tall - immediately adjacent to the Central Bank.
The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has earmarked one of the office blocks as the preferred option for its new headquarters.
The agency signalled recently its intention to move from its existing offices in the Treasury Building in Grand Canal Street, and is understood to be in negotiations to move to the Project Wave development.
If a deal is struck, the NTMA - which also includes Nama, the National Development Finance Agency and the National Claims Agency - would move to the new premises in 2018.

Aren’t NAMA supposed to be finished by 2018, ahead of their original 20120 projection

Not a snowballs chance in hell that NAMA will be 100% wound down by 31 December 2018. 98% maybe but not 100%. Litigation cases ongoing, a handful of unsellable assets due to missing documentation or disputed ownership, construction ongoing / delays in the Docklands, Docklands sites not sold yet etc etc etc.

**New Liffey Bridge - Contract Awarded
RPS, in a joint venture with Flint & Neill UK, has been appointed by Dublin City Council to deliver a new bridge over the River Liffey for pedestrian and cyclist use.

The RPS Flint & Neill team is responsible for the options study, planning, detailed design and construction stages of the proposed bridge, which will be located between the East Link Bridge and the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The team will design an ‘opening’ bridge to facilitate demand-led openings and maintain access for sea going vessels and the increasing water based activity and events in this thriving location.

The bridge will be over 130m in length and construction is programmed to commence in 2017.

The new bridge is required as part of the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Strategic Development Zone (the planning scheme for Dublin Docklands), which proposes an additional 20,000 new jobs to the Docklands area. The new bridge over the Liffey is critical to reduce pressure on the Samuel Beckett Bridge and East Link Bridge at peak times for pedestrians and cyclists. The development of the proposed bridge will also link the north and south sides of the Liffey and the Grand Canal Dock area both physically and in people’s minds, which will assist in the promotion of an integrated Docklands destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) critical to the Irish economy.

‘’Both RPS and Flint & Neill are working on the Mersey Gateway Bridge, the landmark cable stay bridge in Liverpool currently under construction – Flint & Neill as Bridge Designer and RPS as the Technical Adviser to the lenders including construction monitoring. RPS and Flint & Neill have an enviable track record as designers of landmark and award winning bridges and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Liffey Bridge project ,‘’ said Tony Magee, director buildings and structures, RPS.

The intention is to provide inter connectivity between the Grand Canal Dock area and North Lotts area. The new bridge will span the liffey at Castleforbes Road. The complete plan is to construct a 2nd new bridge to link up the Ringsend area with the Grand Canal Dock.

There are thousands of people working in the overall docklands area , with further major office construction at the eastern end of the docklands planned to come on-line in the next 2 years. To fully utilise the LUAS there is a need to provide better cross river access for pedestrians.

Why not go for only 1 bridge over the liffey but half a mile wide.

Issue with fewer giant bridges is that:

  1. they suck for pedestrians and cyclists. Right now there is a 1km gap between the East Link and the Beckett bridge. That’s a long way on foot. It means that you have two distinct areas north and south of the river with little commerce between them. This sort of blank wall tends to make an area pretty barren and sterile, city areas thrive on interconnection.
  2. No point having bridges with huge capacity if the streets feeding them don’t also have huge capacity, which the quays and the streets approaching the quays do not have.
  • 100, having worked on both sides in the area in question I can say it’ll be a great addition and will make a big difference to non-car traffic.

I worked there too. Remember the Dinghy Boat Thingy that was there before the Becket Bridge? It used to be great when the weather was good. Think it cost a euro to cross.