North Korea


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Would it be true to say that China and South Korea would just like to see the place contained, as long as they aren’t lobbing missiles every so often. Obviously the last thing they want is a refugee crisis or a unification of the peninsula.


Yanks are the ones lobbing missiles and destabilizing entire countries for decadesnow but yeah, the Koreans are the fucking problem…




Both sides appear ready to March their troops up the hill but neither wants a war… it’s a game of chicken, I just hope one side blinks.


China has only two reasons to prop up the DPRK.

  1. If it finally collapses, they’ll probably have millions of destitute people flooding into one of their poorer regions (the far north east is China’s combined rustbelt and dustbowl, as well as being disturbingly close to Beijing)

  2. It’s a handy threat to keep in reserve if they feel western powers are pushing them around. Whatever the consequences of North Korea’s collapse or expansion for China immediately, it would create absolute bedlam in the rest of the region. The Kim family are China’s rabid guard dogs, just slightly scarier to outsiders than to their owners and needing to be kept on a very short leash, but always with the implicit threat of letting them loose in a giant game of geopolitical chicken. Still, I’m sure Xi Jinping would rather Kim Jong-Un had stuck to is ancestors’ usual degree of sabre rattling and hollow threats, as well as having a thicker skinned tenant in the White House.

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Hard to see this ending in anything but a war. If left unchecked North Korea would set a precedent for nuclear diplomacy that many others would follow.
A coup looks very unlikely. Is Trump gonna shoot down a missile test or is China going to cut off their oil first?


Entire U.S. Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing

I wonder what this signifies. Seems ominous at 1st glance.

US Senate summoned to the White House for North Korea briefing, as China’s Xi Jinping urges restraint from Donald Trump


Trump has suddenly discovered that the North Korea situation is quite complex, and wants the senators to know too?

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Why is Russia so silent?
They’ve sent troops & tanks to their border but otherwise are silent.


The North Koreans and Russia split many years ago (in 1950, when the Russians were boycotting the UN and so failed to veto military action following the NK surprise attack). Neither side has ever forgiven the other :smiley:


Bigger, smaller and closer fish to fry?

NK is small, distant and as far as it’s controlled at all :confused: , is China’s puppet.
China is much too big a problem and also too self contained.

The Baltics, the rest of the EU (particularly eastern countries), Ukraine, Syria, Turkey and even the USA, with DT in the White House, give a much bigger return per unit of weight thrown around.

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