North Korea

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Anyone think they have had assistance? Even if just plans?


Nixon’s ‘Madman theory’ is being tested.


I’d be as skeptical about NK capabilities as WMDs. Statements that NK can produce x number of warheads this year are unknowable unknowns. Let’s see how things pan out with a Pres who has asked multiple times as to why he can’t just use nukes


From who, tho? I’d be surprised if Russia was interested, and China seems unlikely; a North Korea with deployable nukes sitting onto their border is probably not high on their wish list. My understanding is that plans aren’t really the problem, anyway; there are space launch vehicles where the plans are essentially publicly available, if you’re okay with using something 50 years old. Rockets are difficult to manufacture, though.


They won’t be building anything state of the art, its not really hard to build what they have

I doubt the Russians care what the North Koreans do, its for China to worry about


Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans are the good guys here and are just protecting themselves against the imperealistic, warmongering Yanks. 8) Why would they even consider relinquishing their nuclear weapons when they’re fully aware of the inevitable consequences (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc.). They’ve every right to despise them and be extremely suspicious after the Americans dropped over 630,000 tons of bombs (more than what was used against Japan in WW11) and over 30,000 tons of napalm on them during The Korean War, killed at least three millions civilians and reduced the whole country to rubble.

I won’t be surprised if we see some sort of false flag event in the coming weeks. :frowning:

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China happy to sit back and have North Korea build nuclear weapons until the US is out of options and would then have to accept that North Korea cannot be touched.
Would North Korea then threaten attacks unless sanctions are lifted? Where to then?

What prevents proliferation across random crack pot countries across the world? We have no shortage of crackpot countries?
The answer is nothing really. Once you get to a certain point you are too dangerous to deal with as this has shown.

The US is far from perfect and far from blameless. The post above regarding the bombing in North Korea during the 1950s war is correct. The bombing was ‘total’. As was bombing in Europe in WW2 - something the West chose to ignore and never dealt with. Its also worth pointing out that North Korea invaded the South. And pointing out the obvious - North Korea is run by some horrible people at the top. This is a problem largely ignored by Obama, Bush (too busy starting wars), even as far back as B. Clinton. The result is that someone like Trump is dealing with a truly life and death issue for many people.

Its also worth noting that the West stupidly became reliant on the Chinese manufacturing economy. Australia is saying it would jump to fight beside the US - … xty5f.html - while Australia is totally dependent on exports to China.
The West is highly foolish in this regard. China is also a dictatorship, it is not the Wests friend.

The forces along the Chinese/North Korea border, on the basis of the latest Chinese statement, is there to act AGAINST the US. All while Trump yapping about how the Chinese should do something. … er-report/


How is this a good position for China? They won’t stop NK from getting into a war, but will defend them! You’d think it would be easier for them to install a puppet.


Non-Proliferation hasn’t been an unqualified success

There’s been a lot of information sharing between countries over missile & nuclear technology, & a number of companies have been only too happy to help out providing technology, while knowing only too well that it was duel-use.


nuclear test today, claimed to be thermonuclear and missile loadable
The markets will not like this on Monday. Id probably be more comfortable if Australia had a nuclear capability now since its been directly threatened (Darwin was mentioned as a target). Id be happier if North Korea didnt exist but how do you do that without massive cost in lives?


Just leave them alone, when they finish their program I suspect thats what will happen

Why would they want to nuke Darwin


Have you been there? :slight_smile:


What’s he up to though? What’s he hoping to achieve by browning off all and sundry friend and foe alike?


thats far too logical, its bad enough the world powers have these weapons now any random nut can too


I’d say it’s only a matter of time before China annexes it. I wonder how the UN and the world would react to that?


By publicly making a lot of noise and finger wagging and privately breathing a sigh of relief, I expect.