North Korea


Interesting interview from Joe Rogan with Michael Malice.
Malice was born under communism, so comments on how to interpret the actions of those who are essentially hostages (i.e. reading between the lines).


― Theodore Dalrymple

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I see the Indians & Japanese had a meeting yesterday.

One wonders how the Chinese would feel about a Japanese Nuke; they already have sufficiently advanced rocket technology to drop one anywhere on the planet they wanted ?

How about Vietnam, a country which despises China, & has kicked the Militarys ass on occasion ?

Or God forbid, what would happen if the ‘Rebel Province’, ( and I don’t mean Munster), were to suddenly & deniably, get their hands on a few nukes ?

For a culture that supposedly plays the long game; the Chinese aren’t looking nearly far enough into the future in this game.


Who are the Rebel province, Taiwan?



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and we have WAR
BBC - North Korea accuses US of declaring war


Pupil 1 -He started it!

Pupil 2 -No I didnt. He started it! He said he was at war with me.

Pupil 1 -No I didnt. I said I would destroy him if he started on me.

Teacher -Right both of you sit down and be quiet. Open your books at page 101…


They are technically still ar war since 1953…


That’s what I thought too

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Expect an agreement an there a twitter war in the next 24 hrs. NK are never going to just give up there Nuclear programme. Probably what they want is some ego massaging, and get the US out of the way of doing deals with China, Russian and SKorea.

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A despot lobs a few missles around and subsequently gets to strut his stuff on the world stage as an equal of the president of the USA. That showed him.