Northern Rock to offer 90% mortgages

Main headline on todays FT … z1FCzxgl8m

Well, lets hear the detail first; property value, ‘arrangement’ fees, or one of those ‘regular saver’ accounts.

Cant figure though, with 1.3 million properties on the market and only 500k mortgages last year, how it can be sustained.
The low rates are really bailing out an awful lot of people.

Been looking ourselves recently and, even without 90% ltv, there are some very attractive deals available.

In fact, I know someone who just sold their very overpriced house within a month. At the asking price.

Crazy times; people cant afford decent food, but they can afford houses…

Northern Rock back securitising.

Ireland will need to move on soon. Banking crises will be old hat and so passe.