Northern Trust ?

Apart from what I can can google for myself -anyone with knowledge of Northern Trust based in Townshend Street

Not sure if it’s that exact address (thought it was Hanover Quay which isn’t too far away) but I know a few people there. They provide back office services for the fund industry, calculating NAV and the like. Similar to a lot of the financial services in the IFSC.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thank you for that. they seem to be present at a number of loactions around the city. More intersted in how they behave - what kind of company manners , evidence of probity etc. Maybe George, Zippy or even Geoffrey may know something.

Ive a few connections in there…

Have you ineed. I should very much like to know something of the nature of the beast - including the manner in which it handles employment -human resources issues and its treatment of its employees generally. PM me by all means if you feel able to convey anything of that nature.