"Not open to offers"

What if you offer full asking price? :smiley:


In that case the house not on the market :nin

It’s like one of those fancy restaurants where if you have to ring and make an appointment then you’re not cool enough to eat there.


Price drops on this are being tracked at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23081&p=269955

Actually, it’s pretty good news that house listings like this are starting to appear. What it says is that the listed price is the real price. It’s not some fantasy price that the owner may or may not be willing to bargain about.

In most cases it’s almost impossible to figure out whether a house is really on the market. Almost all houses are listed with ludicrously large asking prices. It then becomes a process of trying to discover from the estate agent whether or not the owner is willing to sell at something approaching a more reasonable price, or whether they are trapped in a state of denial. If the real price is posted on the listing, then it’s easy to see which is the case.

Most working people have very little free time, so it’s very welcome that at least one owner is willing to post the real price, rather than wasting our time by refusing to say whether they are really in the market for selling their house.


I think it’s also good to know where they stand. It might not be worth their while, financially, moving for any less.

On the other hand, I can never understand why people don’t clear away kitchen worktop clutter before Daft photos are staged.

Its highly unlikley that the sellers still have a mortgage (if they do it should be small enough) on this property (unless they re-mortgaged), so how would it not be worth their while to sell for less than the current asking? Guess we’ll find out how serious they are about selling by keeping an eye out in the price drop forum. By stating “not open to offers” they are obviously reducing the likelyhood of viewings. I’ll give it 6 weeks before the “not open to offers” is removed by the agent.

and then they have 20 pictures, mostly of the laminate flooring throughout??

Prices may be heading towards something realistic, EA spew ain’t.

…Sounds like the perfect candidate for Mr. P.Hantom and his extremely low ball antics…

I’d guess that it’s a probate sale and to get probate they sent a valuation into the tax man who sent them a bill which they’ve paid. They are expecting to get full value for the house cos that’s what they told the tax man it was worth.

Wow! When I heard about the laminate throughout I got all excited. Most houses are full of carpets, presumably in an effort to cleanse the gene pool by killing off anyone with allergies. A house with laminate throughout really is a dream home! They may not be able to sell it, but they could rent it to someone with allergies for a fortune!

But then I looked at the pictures and discovered that the house is actually full of carpet. Sigh…


I’ve actually viewed this house - I know for a fact the owner has two properties, and is living in the smaller one while trying to offload this one.

It needs an incredible amount of work - it’s a warren of tiny rooms … and the bedrooms upstairs are mostly single sized. You’d be mad to offer anything close to that price as you wouldn’t see 100,000 worth of renovations in this place. Actually now that I think of it, there is no bathroom upstairs either.

One thing I will say, it’s in a fantastic location, literally 5 mins walk to dundrum village, and it’s a really quiet, leafy road.



still not open to offers but dropped to 399k … is this a situation whereby the vendor is hell bent on deciding the price rather than allowing the buyer?

MOD Edit: For glee.

The house is worth €200-230k.

Unlimited potential… hmmm, maybe Dunner can finally build his 35 story tower here.

Some square footage would be nice. Why do they let ads be posted without it. Its like a car ad without the mileage.

There is a sale agreed sign on this property now. Previous poster was right; Fantastic location, needs work. Having said that we have looked at other houses of this type in the area (that have been done up) and you can do a huge amount with them.