Nouriel Roubini: Is Capitalism Doomed? … 41/English

Central Planning - It’s Not Just For Communists Anymore → … s-not.html

Better add Roubini to the list of people who dont know what they are talking about with Kelly and Krugman :angry:


Are the Pinsters themselves the last bubble?

One bubble to rule them all?

The Bubble of doom…

I think you’re making the assumption that we post articles because we agree with them, and that therefore we must agree with everything that that particular commentator says, you would be incorrect.

No, the current sovereign debt bubble brought on by excessive keynesianism is the bubble of all bubbles.

In what way is the development of the debt bubble(s) as example of “excessive keynesianism”? … agnus.html
(Courtesy of Naked Capitalism) … recession/

Nouriel is getting nervous it seems … risis.html

Thought he was feeling positive just a few weeks ago :question:

hes talking through his arse, why is this guy so famous? Schiff saw the shit hitting the fan years before this guy. and while schiff{s ego i think is getting the better of him he still speaks a lot more sense than Nouriel