Now Anglo needs computer programmers

Bank’s late call for new computer system to predict risk probability - Ian Kehoe -> … 49706.html

Of course Mike Aynsley’s former employers would never ever ever have had to worry about anything like this. :wink:

This sounds like pure window dressing.
A friend told me a couple of years back that his employers supplied similar software to … Ahem… Anglo Irish Bank… a few years back (long enough ago to make a difference).
He might not want - or indeed be able - to give any additional information, because of his job and probable NDAs, but he informed me a couple of years ago that in order for the lads at Anglo to get into the mess they did, they had to be overriding this software. I assumed such software would be treated as a tool to assist decision-making, and that overriding it would thus not be illegal, but I suppose if I could get him to spill the beans it would at least be another little flag demonstrating their incompetence.
So for now this is anecdotal, but I’ll ask him for more details. And then it will still be anecdotal, but with more conviction on my part. :slight_smile:

Let’s face it - there’s no one left in there with a brain anyway. The computer can’t be any worse.

Anglo needs closing, end of.

Not the sort of thing you’d be planning unless your good bank/bad bank plan had got the ok

Go to wikileaks and don’t bother posting it here then thanks…

[code]IF BalanceSheet >= 60% Crap THEN

Bank = Systemic Importance
Set 30% Crap = NamaBound
DIM NewAngloBadBank as LongInteger
Set NewAngloBadBank = 30% Crap
CALL FUNCTION InternationalSupport
CALL FUNCTION ScrewIrishCitizen

CALL FUNCTION ThereIsNoAlternative


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

They can have this one …

then close the whole failed institution down (mind you, if Anglo and all the others had said no a little more often we wouldn’t have been in quite such a mess).

Blue Horseshoe