Now I've seen it all

what the…

Looks like an ideal starter home, very reasonably priced as well! :laughing:

Holy Moly!!!

When I was a kid we built our own camps with Pallets, railway Sleepers, and Blankets. Progress is great isn’t it.

I see a potential selling point that hasn’t been exploited.
Move your kids out into the garden, and rent their rooms under the rent a room scheme.


If there’s no speedboat, I’m not buying it.

finance it from 15/month LOL

What do kids get for pocket money these days? Can’t see there being much of a rental yield.

I think these were included in Batt’s house completions data!

About €125 per square foot - how does that compare?

It’s not bad, but the price has to be very compeditive to tempt buyers. You are giving up your first time buyer status after all.

I notice they come fully fitted out with kitchen’s etc. Even at this end of the market, the builders are having to make concessions to keep prices up.


I think this particular property is ripe for a gazundering!