Now the builder will buy your old house

Right what to do if houses are selling, reading the property section in the Irish Examiner a devloper by the name of Dave Dwyer has copied a UK developer. Dave is developing houses in Kilmoney Woods Carrigaline Co. Cork, selling in the region of €700,000 to €800,000. Dave will take your old house in part exchange will give you a “fair value” for your old house. He will then move his team of builders in to make your old house sell. Dave has discussed this with the revenue commissioners he’s confident that stamp duty will only be payable once. Will builders ever learn, or is this a delaying tatic by Dave to keep the banks from calling.

Link to Uk website

Ahh, my old stomping ground!

I’ve underlined the pertinent bit of the quote. The prices for those gaffs are ridiculously out of whack. Why anyone would pay that much for a place when they can get a site and build a place to their own specs for far cheaper.

Can developers do this??? I knew Ireland was a bit of a banana republic, but this takes the biscuit. It’s like something out of animal farm where the rules on the wall are scrubbed out and re-written to suit the interests of the pigs.

i assume they simply cancel the contract.

So how did that work out Dave? Plan B…call in NAMA

That is one ulgy house and garage. Why, oh why, is 9 our of every 10 houses in this country devoid of any architectural merit?

Ugly and cheap.

9 out of 10 are architect free constructions, no coincidence, imho.

Because under the thin (and wearing thinner by the day) veneer of civility, we’re a gombeen nation at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I lived in Holland for 5 years and witnessed having everything run as if on rails, witnessed what it is like to live in a country where the rules were obeyed nigh on to the letter.

I breathed one huge sigh of relief when I arrived back.

Ugly architecture is one of the many prices paid for our gombeen-ness. But pro’s here outweight the con’s. If you don’t believe me then try your hand in Holland or Germany for a few years.


Its not clear which you prefer,but I suspect its Ireland. I two spent a fair few years in countries where the rules are respected, the trains run on time, and plumber turns up at the correct hour. I preferred it to here, and can’t wait to get out. I returned for personal reasons, and those reasons are about to disappear, and with them me, from this very difficult little country.

It’s probably because I’m not that fond of the law, or strict timetables or predictableness that has me prefer here. The Dutch have a self-depreciating expression they use to mock themselves. They wag a finger and mimic whatever the authority figure happens to be, saying “dat mag niet!” (that’s not allowed!).

And it isn’t allowed - with stullifying frequency.

But I can see how someone could end up pulling their hair out here. I sometimes am about to. Then remember what the grass was like on t’other side.

Derailing a thread here

I am not caught on a predictable life, I am self employed, and life is very very unpredictable.

I am just frustrated at the amount of times I will contact a guy selling a product or service , who has advertised this fact, and they don’t return calls, don’t turn up to meet, and don’t deliver the service on time or to an acceptable quality. I work with a German guy and he used to think laid back Ireland, with its grand and it il do attitude was fun, Now he is just getting worn out by it.

Getting anything done here compared to Austria, Germany, Singapore or even the UK is difficult. The only bit that is better is the way government bureaucracy can be flexible. That’s gombeenism I suppose.