Now where did we see this before?

big business in the sound insulation for the rent-a-roomers :wink:

Not just for rent a roomers, but for everyone in a new development I think…

Didn’t 2Pack put such a chart up on the pin?

In fact the declining property libido was first spotted on the Pin in April last.
The property Prozac is not working.

I see that Irish Business Journalists are drilling ever deeper into the advanced prognistication machine that is the Property Pin.

Did they ask Ken for a comment ???

They have established that Google was a coincident indicator it peaked as the market peaked in 2006.

They are getting confused because the VIs are lagging indicators and they think the to be leading indicators.

Sorry, Duplex :blush:

Ireland - Top Gaining Queries: December 2007

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  9. godfathers pizza
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  15. modified motors … st.html#ie

Ireland - Popular Queries: December 2006

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That is some bizarre list…

Not really. They each have “riding” as a keyword…

or “zip up your mickey”?