Nphet putting their neck on the line one last time - are they screwed?



The NPHET Monster is not happy.

Monsters by their nature are never happy or kind because they can not come to terms with the Evil they claim is their saving grace or strength, it is always a losing position, thus the only recourse is to double-down with even more monstrous behaviour.

Since people are born winners. A Monster will just steal that pure victory from you whatever way they can and as you know, they’ve been ramping up the testing in recent weeks to levels similar to Dec '20 to make it look like they are winning by scaring you in a monstrous way.

Yet the cases aren’t really going up, in fact they’re ever so gently going down, and the hospitalisation even more but Nphet & Co are all in.

2000 CASES A DAY!!!

A BIG FAT maybe… I’m reminded of that headline back in the day that claimed something like the average Semi-D was to hit the €1 Million mark - that’s how easy it was to give paddy-2-gaffs their nitro-dopamine hit for the day lasting weeks. Simpler times.

Well the solution to this is to simply not get a test if you are feeling normal and healthy as you are out and about living your life.

Let’s see how this one pan out over the coming weeks… :ninja:

BREAKING NEWS: You do not need the injection - CONFIRMED!
2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT

I’m reminded of the Swine Flu predictions.

And the subsequent cases of narcolepsy.


Snake Monster :snake:

Covid-19: ‘Critical’ eight-week window to prevent fourth wave of infections

A significant increase in close social contact after April 5th would be “highly likely” to cause a fourth wave of Covid-19, a National Public Health Emergency Team expert has said.

Prof Philip Nolan said the Covid-19 situation at present was “stable but precarious” as the country hovers around 500 new cases a day.

“It doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting better,” he said.

However, if the R-number increased in the coming weeks, as some restrictions are eased, “we would be in real difficulty,” he said.


Still with straight faces. It’s beyond bizarre.


No April Fools

It’s taken a good solid 2 weeks of increasing mass testing of healthy people to finally begin the surge of the 4th wave.

Well done, keep up the make-work,
if we test them, they will come.
4th Wave forever BFF :heart:


Thank, but no thanks.

As a Winner - why show up to join the losing side?

Irish Gov will never make there targets if people keep stringing them along like this. :sweat_smile:

Provid Regime status: Still losing.

There is no penalty for not showing up.

They can not force you to take it. So don’t take it.
Why take it?
It’s free?
Who said it’s free?
It’s not Free. It’s paid for. You are taxed.
You might pay with your life.
You might pay reduced health outcome, like infertility or a serious medical disorder.
Anyway, who told you had to take it?
You do not have to take it.
So there is that.
You never had to take it.
They never told you that you had to take.
Unless they own you?
Whoever told you to take it, do they own you?
Are you owned?
If you are owned then you are not Free.
So how is it Free?


Excuses excuses?

Incompetence is either

A) Not an excuse
B) A makey-up mis-direction.

I guess this is what they the Provids meant by “vaccine bonus” :sweat_smile:



Scary time when you lose control of the lie, the spell is breaking, the narrative is crumbling.

Rule breaking leads to 'breakdown in trust’

If people see others flaunting Level 5 restrictions then “the whole thing will break down”, Infectious Disease Specialist Professor Sam McConkey has warned.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne, he said rule breaking leads to a “breakdown in trust and governance” and there is a risk that other people will start to ignore the rules.

The pandemic can only be fought with “voluntary cooperation”, he said, adding that there is a risk that people from areas with higher rates will travel to areas with lower rates and reintroduce Covid-19.

“If you’re going somewhere, you’re inevitably going to be shopping and meeting people, potentially talking without a mask and potentially spreading the virus in an inter-county way that isn’t helpful”, he said.

“So I think it’s slight loss of control - I don’t think it’s dramatic at this point - but I think it’s important to try and prevent and avoid that until we get several million people vaccinated and then hopefully things can open up more.”

Archived link:

Everyone on-message today - If peopel realise they are already winners born free winner then we will not get them injected in enough numbers to permanently take that freedom away - Fascinating.

More or less the same message as delivered by some panicked lady on CNN blowing the entire global operations cover.