NPPR Treatment versus Septic Tanks

The current treatment of individuals who had to leave the country in the last few years and are now being bullied and fleeced by the local authorities over the collection of the payment and fines for the Non Principal Private Residency payment is in stark contrast to the very gentle and lenient treatment by the same local authorities to those individuals who did not register and pay for their Septic Tank.

Remember Phil Hogan brought in the 2 registration fees - but only 1 of them has the massive penalty system attached to it .

City versus rural !!!

Ask yourself who can vote and who cannot.

the NPPR has been in place for a lot longer, if you’re non compliant you’ve been non-compliant for a lot longer

Was listening to this all day long on the whine line.
Undoubtedly, there will be a handful who genuinely did not know about the NPPR.
But for the other 99.9% …

for sure.

I also foolishly listened to a lot …

A little unfair perhaps where people swap - rent out one and rent elsewhere for various reasons - but you get shafted for income tax there too and you won’t here Joe sympathising with those people.

the main takeaway was the difficulty people have with the **concept ** of a Principal Private Residence - and the benefits it confers - I heard before of people living and working abroad [entirely voluntarily, FWIW] and “keeping a room” in the house and thinking that will satisfy Revenue etc (for Rent a Room and other reasons).

I’ve even seen this tactic advocated here by people who can otherwise be quite self-righteous

This thing is an enormous charade. The deadline is 31 August but the Local Authorities have stopped taking calls in some cases for a few weeks and won’t/can’t provide confirms

It is an enormous FUCKUP. Tell me why there are 3 different registration regimes for NPPR, Household charge and LPT?

Commercial Rates is another DISASTER ZONE. The “valuations” make no sense. Do away with the entire system of commercial rates and make it 0.5% of the property value, payable by the landlord. And collected by the Revenue Commissioners. And apply it at 3% p.a. to derelict sites and land with residential and commercial zoning. Then you’d see some building !!!

Because the government is doing it’s utmost not to label the first two as ‘taxes’.

Commercial Rates make no sense because they are based off valuations/rents.
So when these plummeted 50%+, the local councils were looking at a 50%+ fall in revenues.

So what do you do in that situation ?
Ignore reality and carry on like nothing happened.

As much as i would like to weigh in on some rural bashing those who live in rural areas are not exempt from the NPPR.

Was in the car and listened to Joe as well…thought struck me with those examples of US residents who had bought in Donegal, if you reversed the situation, would they be as lenient in any US state if you forgot to pay your taxes? Somehow I just don’t think so…

Perhaps one of you fine pinsters might be able to assist me…

A relative has recently purchased (less than 6 months) a rural property with its own well and septic tank, he’s not 100% sure whether the tank has been checked etc. and before he starts ringing around was wondering if this is one of those things that would have been flagged during the purchase and therefore the fact it wasn’t means that everything is tickety boo??

He want’s to apply for the water conservation grant so wondering if it’s all linked…ie tank not registered means no grant etc. etc.

The registration charge, IIRC, is 50 euro. It doesn’t mean you get checked - just that you are registered and then they do random spot checking as a result. You should be able to call the council and find out if it is registered.