NPRF payment part of deficit... what about next year?

I think I’ve just figured out how the spoofers are going to make 1.5 bn of the cuts for next year - by pre-paying next years sum for the NPRF last year, it will not be in the budget for 2010 making the figures look better. No?

i’d agree that this budget is going to be 100% optics.

Leaving the stinking pile of shite that is our DEPRESSED economy to some other fools to pick up and fix.
I listened to the sunday supplement this morning, and i thought the general view of the panel was were fucked and always will be.

What with my aspirations for the PFG being shredded before my eyes (esp. on this site) its all rather depressing…

If true they are planning on hanging on until 2012 leaving an ever growing problem for the next government

This government reminds me of a spoilt brat of a child. The child needs to have its’ toys taken away but rather then relinquish them they decide to break them.

The government is doing the same thing. They haven’t the balls to make the neceesary changes require to save our economy, so instead of standing aside and let someone else try, they’re going to hang on until 2012. Causing further damage to our economy.

I think it’s more likely they’ll use that money for the banks. It’s a lot easier to pay a few billion to the NPRF and give it to the banks later than it is to give to the banks directly.

And when I say “banks” I mean Anglo of course.