Nuclear power thread


Yay or nay
What would your reasons for either


Nay. Too expensive compared to natural gas.
Yay … as soon as that stops being true.



Because e-voting machines.


Don’t we have it already via the interconnector


Most certainly not! The interconnector goes via Eamon Ryan’s house and he only lets the non-nuclear electrons through.
It’s all the electron sorting that gives him that permanently bewildered look.

"Hmmm. Nuclear or not?"


Yes, if it’s financially justifiable and improves the stability and security of our grid.

Otherwise, no.

Given the safety record of nuclear power stations, any other answer would seem to be intentionally ignoring the evidence.


it would seem to be far safer than coal, Hydro, and maybe other sources too


We’d be better off in developing large scale tidal power schemes, indefinite life and zero waste to deal with, incredibly expensive to build, but then the costs of nuclear are also incredibly high as well if you include the decommissioning.


When you see the mess Kenny makes of most things he touches (why he avoids trying to touch anything unless ECB forces it), would you really want him working with nuclear.

Imagine Kenny appointing a 25 year old TD with absolutely no experience in anything to do with nuclear power, to oversee it.


You better go warn the French.

something like 70%+ of their energy comes from Nuclear… here’s the map of nuclear power stations…

just to add, I’m not advocating nuclear energy for Ireland because, frankly, I couldn’t listen to it on the media for the next decade.


And the Germans, and the Yanks, and the Japs and the…

Actually the Germans are foolishly moving back to coal for now

Indeed it would make the whole Corrib business seem sensible, and then how many more Green TDs would we have

Looks like we will stick with Gas and Coal for a while more


No, over 70%+ of their electricity comes from Nuclear. Of energy use it is something like 15-35% depending on how you measure it.


What does the full lifecycle cost of nuclear vs gas look like? Building the plants, sourcing the fuel, and disposing of the waste?


Gas would seem to be cheaper right now because of fracking and LNG

But a lot of the time it depends on who runs the numbers, I bet the French would claim that Nuclear is better for them because of the number of jobs in the industry, and if they can switch enough of their cars to electric then they will cut their oil imports, which is another plus for Nuclear


Saw on Twitter I think that last week was the anniversary of the ESB announcing plans to build a nuclear plant in Carnsore…from memory the announcement was 1975 .I wanted to go to the gogs held in Carnsore but never got there


Agreed. I’ve no objection but the economics is a bit shaky plus it would need to be very large to start making economic sense. Very large nuclear plant (2 to 3TW) would probably destabilize our small grid system.


Nuclear is a form of mass murder on a grand scale. Having plenty of radiation in your french Champaigne and wine may be considered homises, a form of being good for you, spreading cancer everywhere and getting GE to do the medicals,as a form of cleansing. Nuclear medecine for doctors. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Fukushima and mass media control. Insanity!


There seems to be a new nuclear accident in around march someplace, as there are high levels of tellurium and fissioning products. There is a mass media silence. Keep yourselves informed, and stay out of the rain. The cpm counts per minute are up.


We’d have to have two for redundancy/maintenance, no? So no. On the grounds of cost.
If thorium or fusion is ever cracked (in ten years time), the economics will probably change.
Or Tesla finally builds the gigacapacitor…


I went to the nuclear protests, I lived very close by. I was 12 years old … it was mind-blowing. All those European hippies, punks and anarchists, and the ubiquitous Hare Krishnas - quite a shock to the system, especially if, like me, the only field-based event that you had attended prior to it was a hurling match. I understand it’s now referred to as “Ireland’s Woodstock” :smiley:
Carnsore is still a beautiful spot, just shocking that anyone would have considered putting a big dirty nuclear power plant there, run by the ESB. Talk about disaster waiting to happen!

Interesting history of the whole thing here: