Number of empty buildings up 150pc

is this residential building or BOTH residential and commercial, do you think?

And 2Pack is a winner…

I wonder how they are calculating the number of empties? I doubt that the real rate of increase is anything like 150%. I do not dispute the absolute number of empty properties, but I imagine that these fine people have suddenly discovered another source of information.

Is that code for: “we wont pay for fire damage if the property is vacant”

The interesting think is not the number of empties, this has long been known about .

The interesting thing is that

  1. Somebody other than Pin members seemingly bothered their holes to COUNT them . There is a methodology posted in a private thread here and whatever way you count them ( there is more than one way ) you always end up around 350k including holiday homes .

  2. Brokers are desperate for business and this is a good way of drumming some up 8)

  3. The brokers have given no indication of where this 140k number they quote came from . Has anybody asked how the brokers came up with this 140k number when the census told us it was nearer 300k around 3 years ago ?? It looks like they picked 140k from a hat …not 350k .

It isn’t code. Thats them flat-out telling you that they aren’t going to pay for fire damage if the property is vacant and you didn’t form them. And it isn’t just fire damage. Basically if you don’t inform them then you’ve probably invalidated your insurance and they won’t pay out on anything you’re insured for.

Although I do see where you’re going with the fires.

I think the correct response to that figure is HOLY SH1T!!! (although most of the people on here already knew that)

If there is demand for 30k new houses a year, this is supply for 12 years assuming zero new builds for the next decade. And NAMA thinks property is going to recover in value?

We’re going to have to pay a fortune to reposess these empties, and then another fortune to demolish them when they become uninhabitable, after 10 years of lying empty and cold, damp and utterly unwanted by anyone with even a grain of common or financial sense (except NAMA and the politicians who are so stubborn, it took them almost 10 years to admit that E-voting was a mistake)

About 20Bn of VAT and stamp on that lot .

Any idea on the split between units sold and those held by developers ?

The problem here is that while you may think that politicians should actually care what the taxpayer will have to pay for these the truth is probably closer to “they caould’nt give a flying f***” but remember the majority of people voted these idiots in.

Nope. A majority of the total poll on the day did.

That is wrong .

No government was elected with 50% of first preferences in years …not since Jack Lynch anyway …maybe even earlier .

I know.

Enough first preferences were polled in the various constituencies to allow FF take the reins then. Which adjusting for the 33% of the electorate who didn’t vote by no means translates into the majority spqr was referencing.

Back to the empties, eh?

This math would work if the houses were on wheels and could be moved to where they are needed.

In reality the overhang in some areas will be sucked up fairly quickly and more builds may well be needed, within a year or so.

Then there are places in the arse hole of nowhere. The overhang there should probably be stripped out of the figures at this stage. There is probably
1000 years worth of supply in some places because in practice they’ll never be filled.

If I want to live in the country side, then I want to live in the country side. I don’t want to live in a semi-D with a tiny garden etc.

If I was in charge and I NAMA-ised a ghost estate. I’d make the houses available free of charge to elderly people with little or no means,
living alone in remote areas, so that they could live in close proximity to each other in a community. Services could be provided locally etc.
It would revolutionise the day to day lives of some of these people. At least some good would come of it all.


The majority of the people did vote these idiots in. Those who didn’t vote, spoiled vote etc effectively voted to accept the decision of those who actually voted.

My own guess is that 140k represented the amount of ‘new builds not yet sold’.
They then decided to add the ‘sold but not yet occupied’ properties in addition to holiday homes.

I wonder, are half-completed developments included in any of these figures ?

Interesting observation form Michale Kitt, TD, FF

“An Taisce stated that over zoning and the banks childish lending policies have inevitably lead to the present crisis and hundreds of thousands of empty properties … 9-23.213.0

I thought the party line was 50 ot 60 thousand emptis?