Number of homes being built in Dublin falling … -1.2404098

That’s desperate, this issue is going to explode in dublin next year. Going to be big increase in homelessness and generally pissed off people.

Why, shure “we’re” in recovery XX

Can someone please nominate a golf course, public park or school grounds that they would like to see built on? (Dublin City Council only please). Or else whether they would be in favour of more infill in the docks area. Or whether they would like to see very large tracts of low-density housing (say Crumlin and Marino) CPO’d for higher density building.

This is the only way to get appreciable building close to the city centre in Dublin. Very few people would be in favour of any of the above.

Why not just permit higher densities? Increase the building height limit from 4 storey to 6 storey.

I fully agree with this idea.

There are still very few virgin strips of land in Dublin city to build on though.

To hell with 6 stories. Make it unlimited.
The Dublin sky line is not “beautiful”. Why should people looking to live close to the city have to suffer because people in the Dublin mountains want to protect their seaward views.

Ringsend [DDD] site is massive.
Move the docks to Drogheda & extend the Luas line down.

No real need for that as there are many areas in the city that currently have still single story housing sprawled over it that really should be replaced with housing that is more appropriate for their "inner city location.

In theory this idea is perfect.

But do you achieve it without infringing on constitutional protection for property rights?

There is hullabaloo in Galway over the (potential) demolition of 50 homes to build a much-needed piece of public infrastructure.

How would you CPO large stretches of low-density places like Crumlin without serious opposition?

It is just an idea, but it would be up to politicians(& VI’s) to make this happen.

What’s the incentive for them?

Housing is very affordable in many parts of the city (Finglas, Ballyfermot, Coolock, Tallaght, Clondalkin). However some feel the areas with cheap housing are below them.

Maybe we should ask the question why builders are not building given the current housing shortage in Dublin.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact 40%+ of the cost of a new house, is paid over to the government in some form of tax rather than the price/availability of land.

If taxes were reduced land would just become more expensive, because values are (crudely) determined by buyers not sellers.

edit: somewhere in the reporting I read comments that Dublin construction was stalled in some cases because builders has baked in continued price growth into their projected sales prices, and were therefore discovering that it was uneconomic to finish the projects. This is just hilarious, it’s like the noughties all over again, and demonstrates the need to have consistent, credible, stable government and central bank policy. The only winners in those cases are the land sellers who found a bigger fool.

Why Crumlin?
Why not start with the bungalow district inside the canals?

Get rid of Part V and watch the developers get moving again…