Number of Properties for Sale

We have been stuck on around 53,000 on Daftwatch for the last week.

Is this just a temporary stabilization during the Autumn selling season?
Or Has the number of properties for sale peaked?

It has to stop at some point!

There’s bound to be a stage where people will hunker down and withdraw if they are selling their PPR, wait 2-3 years in expectation that things will improve…

But they’ll be replaced by the last of the over leveraged investors, I’d imagine…

Any indications of EAs refusing to take properties on their books ?

I’m assuming there’s a point where an EA decides that it just doesn’t look good to have all those photos in the front window & only a couple with ‘Sale Agreed’ or ‘Sold’ plastered on them ?

Very anectodally, I have seen a number of property withdrawn in recent weeks. Probably won’t resurface until Spring.

Get ready for a massive media blitz in the new year about the recovery that is going to come in Spring.

A family on my road, is selling their house at the moment. They had four estate agents turn them down.

Maybe I spoke to soon. We are getting close to 54,000 today

Any reasnos given?