Numbers of unemployed on register up

Is this a big deal or is it normal fluctuations?

Perhaps the total number could be explained away as fluctuations, I thought this was noteworthy though

This is taken from … 0203.shtml

Yeah but they’re all landlords with 4 houses each and yields have never been better!

Yep, would be great to know though that my taxes were going to support some cute gobsheen with multiple properties.

Well perphaps, you’ve got the summer months and you have students & seasonal jobs winding down and others winding up but not as many so you’ll get a up in signing on I guess, eventually but to be honest if its a 6 month run up of continuning rises then it could be breeze, before the storm alright. Time will only tell ('nd the paper headlines).

Its just to early to say right. Watch this space.

UK Bubble? … ed&search=

I’m puting that on my video ipod, the tune is very catchy :wink: