NYTimes: Comparison of Ireland and US

Op-ed from The New York Times, 7th March 2010

Blue Horseshoe

Ah, the yearly comparison… Coming up on Paddy’s Day so why not…

Having read the article I’m disappointed to find it is sane and balanced with no mention of leprachauns. For shame, NYT!!! For shame…

The original note is on the Irish Economy site:
irisheconomy.ie/index.php/20 … -features/

Further chat about Mr. Krugman’s op-ed:
irisheconomy.ie/index.php/20 … sh-mirror/

Coming from Krugman this article is devastating for Ireland - if totally on the money.

nytimes.com/2010/03/08/opini … ugman.html

Can people please check that the article hasn’t been posted previously before hitting the old new topic button…

There’s a strange circularity to all of this.
The same thing happened during the ‘NAMA or nationalise’ debate last April.
IrishEcionomy.ie regurgitates Krugman’s opinions, who then promotes IrishEconomy.ie’s analysis, who are then vindicated by a Nobel prizewinner.

There was an economist called Paul
Who won a Nobel and all
Then he said what we said that he said
And we said ‘Good man Paul, fair ball’

I did, but I missed it. Sorry.

Actually towards the end of the article Krugman says the Irish paper got their US analysis somewhat wrong.

Isn’t it bizarre how the economic collapse here is boosting the profile of Irish economists?

Krugman’s lab rats…

Austin Hughes should be more famous than Ben Bernanke but it just doesn’t work out that way… 8)

Does this not describe Depfa and Anglo Irish ‘Bank’ ?