Ó Cuív says pension cuts cannot be ruled out

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That’ll go down like warm vomit.

At least Cuiv Ó is being refreshingly honest
There are pensioners out there who are getting far more than younger working poor parents

Just one thing: How about those ministerial / TD pensions then?

Best bit of news I have heard in a long time… why should’nt they contribute they need €70,000 plus (2 incomes) to lose the medical card. Whilst a fecker easrning €35,000 gets feck all from the state.

A nice 4% " haircut" would not cost the alot, free feckin ESB, Telephone, Mobile, Travel, Medical Card…

I’m just back from the Canary Islands, week that turned into 2, therer was an awful lot of elderly there, not that I begrude them the break,(and medically I think its a good idea) but if they can afford a week or two in the sun they can do with a cut.

I was actually told by a Kerryman who runs a small pub that more and more are going out for 4 weeks and more in Jan/Feb/Mar as it saves on Gas.

My parents are pensioners before anyone calls me “ageist”.


Your Ageist

Hmmmm. They’re also speaking of a means-test for the pension.

Thanks a lot, Politicians. You’ve really incentised me to manage my finances prudently and save for retirement!!!

You seem to forget that they contributed a bloody huge amount to the state during their working years, more, proportionally, than anyone on 35KE per year now. And they got shag all for their money at the time. Significantly less than anyone on 35KE now does given roads, better services (yes, really, better services)

If you can afford a week or 2 in the Canary Islands, you can afford another tax increase.

The second week was free… :smiley:

So the €35k person who is economically worth something to the economy needs to be treated worse than someone who “contributed” in the past…hmmmmm, and interesting view.

And yes when the new taxes come we will pay them along with the other €55k in income taxes that we’ll pay this year, and last year.

Plus, I am pretty sure that anybody who depends on the old age pension is not able to afford 2 weeks in the canaries. A more progressive solution is needed.

Unless that 35KE earner is contributing to the export trade their contribution is the same as an old age pensioner - limited to consumer spending.

My parents go away 4 times a year, my father has a State pension, which he gets money for my mother, he also has a private pension which is less than €170 per week on top of that… they seem to be able to afford it easily enough.

On a more pertinent note, the Pension has increase ahead of inflation during the “boom years”, why shouldnt they take the pain like everyone else?

I agree with the progressive solution, as I dislike this “I’m old and I and entitled to my pension end of”, Fingleton is entitled to a State Pension, as is probabally drawing it, we need more equity in it where those who need it get it and those who don’t,well simply don’t.

What have exports got to do with old aged pension entitlement?

What are you trying to say, as its unclear from the above statement.

Is this the same Eamon O’Cuiv who hummed and hawed a couple of weeks back in some committee over the fact that only 21% of all landlords in receipt of rental payments from the state had provided their PPSN?

Let’s nail the corruption and tax evasion first maybe from the Social Welfare budget and then see what we need to cut.

Was eating a bowl of porridge when I read this, nice :slight_smile:

If legally possible, I’d tax pensions above 80k at 95%.

Fingers, Seannie, even Bertie - a big hello. :nin

if not now , could a new government make it legally possible ? could be a nice vote-getter as an election promise…

But I thought that the economy had returned to growth?!

“In the current climate”, I would be in favour of state pensions being means tested. I tihnk in a normal economy 200 euro a week to the elderly is not too much to ask, considering the amount of taxes one pays by the time one reaches 65. But unfortunately the money has to come from somewhere.

Whatever solution is gonna be hard -get it from current workers through tax increases? No capital expenditure? Pay cuts in civil service? It’s all messy

have they removed linking of ps pensions to current pay levels

i expect that qualifying age for pensions will be slowly increased over next few years

i imagine there is a reluctance to do anything to pensions because pensioners vote and as medical card fiasco showed can be a powerful lobby. Also there is a danger of unintended consequences if you touch or tax pensions as it will demonstrate to the public the vulnerability of money in a pension to the actions of the State

I think all public servant have to work til the age of 68. FF are going to be out next time anyway, so they may aswell cut everything and come election 2019 or whenever, they can say they made all the difficult decisions. Not that it’ll help that much. Cut everything to zero and were still screwed :unamused: