*O/T* Anyone have a contact email for Irish property watch?

I think I have a solution to the current inability to track myhome prices.

They said they’re not going to try and get around it.

Yeah, a bit of image processing should do the trick. I believe there are plenty of open-source solutions out there. Give that man a hand - he’s done great work!

At least one person from IPW comes to these forums so I’m sure they’ll be in touch if they still have a notion that they’re going to try myhome again.

I get the feeling they’ve given up on that particular site though, and not completely for technical reasons. If you decide to have a go at it yourself then good luck.

the domain irishpropertymonitor.com is available :slight_smile:

lol Go for it 2pack! :wink:

IPW is currently not tracking MyHome.ie as they’ve been making some very upset noises lately. Check IPW for an article in the tribune a few weeks back, quoting a rather irrate MyHome.ie CEO.

IPW have said they aren’t doing myhome anymore, end of.

Hmm . I am weasling towards a bloggo di tutti bloggi aggregation summary

How does IrishHousingWatch.com sound instead ???

Inspired by housing-watch.com ,which is HERE

and where myhome are not quite sure when we get the hard stats off them or what weight we give their stats as against the vastly more relevant Daft data set .

Or should I do both :unamused: