Oak Tree Lodge, Westminster Road, Foxrock (-651k, -52%)

Was 1.25k

Now 975k

476 per sq ft, needs to go below 400 per sq ft imho

Current link
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/288335

818K for that? I suppose it’s Foxrock… still, it needs quite a bit of work by the looks of it

Back to 1250k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/288335

Still 975k


Talk about yoyo pricing!

Executor sale, or a trade down - only things on the market in this bracket.

Know this is a price drop item but I can’t resist commenting on the ugliness of this house. The bit on the front looks like an afterthought. Which thought it came after is one of life’s mysteries.

Just wondering, anyone got any ideas how much this house is genuinely worth right now?! Am finding it soooo hard to value any house, and this one needs total refurb, has shared gateway with another house and may not be as private as most houses… It’s not nice at all but Location, Location, Location :neutral_face: Is it worth anything close to the asking price? Can we put a value on it?! Would vendor and purchaser be able to find common ground on such a house?! These 2 parties seem to be living in different economies completely on so many houses these days

if fine period properties in DunL are going for 700k this is 300k. looks awful.

Thank you for the reply. Isn’t it so hard to value a place these days… Will the Euro even survive all this palaver with IMF etc. Will we be valuing places in Worthless Irish Spondoolicks some time in the future, reminiscing about our amazing Euros, a bartering tool of Legend and Irish Folklore

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1247592

Now €759,950


Why no photos of the garden if it is so nice?

Having originally completley dismissed this house it is in the right location.

When you have a crap looking house, and nobody else can help - call these guys:

It has a shared gateway with a much bigger nicer house. Heard it has a preservation order on it so there is a limit to what you can do with it. Don’t know entirely what that means though! Needs a lot of work imo. Still not great value when you compare with other houses in the vicinity? Good location tho. Will drop further I reckon. That’s still a lot for a place in need of massive overhaul

Arrgh. Just had the misfortune of looking at the photos. That is one ugly house and not what I was expecting with a bucolic-sounding Oak Tree Lodge name. The fact that it is a converted schoolhouse meant there was an opportunity to create something with charm and character, but instead someone slapped that carbuncle of an “extension” on the front. Hideous.

Just for price comparison, here’s 11 The Coppins, Brighton Road.
€850,000 with the added expense of a swimming pool.


What a price drop in a year tho. 1250K down to 759K :open_mouth:

Also still listed for €895k with Lisney.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/288335

Better pictures including some of the garden - doesn’t look as bad as the new listing with OMD.