OECD says Irish house prices have fallen too far

you’re not quite right, it clearly says in the article that the OECD is “a prestigious international think tank”. It’s a small point, but clearly and indicator of the non-biased reporting you can only get from the Irish Independent (the choices we make, yadda yadda,)

There’s a lot lost in the mix here (and I’ve omitted the various non-sequitirs and random quotes). In particular, the geographic distribution of both house-prices and incomes. But there’s not much point looking for any sort of analysis from the likes of the Indo

they’re more dependable for general bits of sloppiness…

Surely they mean “just over” (i.e. 160>156), and why bother commenting on something that’s just an artifact of their rounding earlier (from 4.33 to 4.5) in any case.

Next bit is nice too…

Clearly here Charlie Weston has taken the same figure for average wage (€36k), saying this is the same in 2013 as in 2006/2007; which might be true but is hard to believe. Even if wages stayed steady between 2006/2007 and today (somehow, with unemployment going up from single to double figures and GNP&GDP dropping), take home definitely changed.

But I’m forgetting, there’s no time for fact-checking or stats when you need to warn the people that they might be about to lose their chance to get a foot on the ladder…

b.t.w, O’Leary works with Goodbody Stockbrokers, so he knows a thing or two.

Anyway, Charlie’ll be back to us on Saturday with key advice:

hmmm… I think they’ve let the cat out of the bag regarding the underlined buy/rent/sell question with the last bit underlined. And don’t let your family get left at the bottom of the ladder, or worse yet left with no ladder at all.

Where in the report does it say house prices have fallen too far.
The indo is up to its usual tricks