% of buyers using myhome.ie and daft

Any pinsters got an idea of what % of buyers use myhome.ie and daft in their property search.

My gut is it has got be be pretty close to 100% - any other opinions or ideally knowledge of any research/polls that have been carried out on this?

I think sometime back in 2004, DNG came out with a figure of c70% (may have been less).
Never neglect the importance of the sign. It is still a very important marketing tool.
Online advertising is never good enough just on it’s own.

Wow, that freaked me enough to do my own research and found this:


That’s more encouraging but is it believable?


From Collapso.net

Daft.ie vs myhome.ie

Report 14 Apr 426 Newly listed properties Report 14 Apr 364 Newly listed properties
Report 11 Apr 311 Newly listed properties Report 11 Apr 105 Newly listed properties
Report 07 Apr 372 Newly listed properties Report 07 Apr 272 Newly listed properties
Report 04 Apr 358 Newly listed properties Report 04 Apr 210 Newly listed properties
Report 31 Mar 400 Newly listed properties Report 31 Mar 326 Newly listed properties

In every report for the number of newly listed properties, daft.ie is has higher quantity.

Especially when so many EAs make a balls of the map on the online ad…

I always take it as a general rule that if I want to look at properties in Dublin, I use myhome.ie as it is far better for this purpose. If I want to look outside of Dublin, I use daft.ie. If I want to look at rentals for anywhere in the country, I look at daft.ie.

In terms of the original topic, I should hope everyone uses some internet site before purchasing something. I honestly don’t know how you could make a decision without using it - you may as well just throw your money away if you don’t.

If only that was all they made a balls off :unamused:


Well that was a good use of 60M then.

Not everybody uses the internet.

Think about those poor farmers with €xx million on deposit with Anglo getting ripped off by EA.

If only they could use the net :wink:

Or Bertie Ahern…

If he doesnt even have a bank account, I can’t imagine he would have a broadband account…

(on second thoughts, if its something he could expense then he probably does have it).

thanks for the replies. Forgetting about the relative popularity of myhome and daft, do you think it is fair to say that if a house is listed on both of those sites you would be reaching 98% of the buyers?

would the % differ depending on the house - i.e for an FTB apartment in city centre you would probably think 100% but what about a £1m+ family home in SCD or North Wicklow. What % are you missing out on there?

You make it sound as though you are wondering why a particular house - in, say, SCD or North Wicklow - is failing to attract buyer interest. Maybe I’m wrong. But if I’m right, it’s probably more relevant to think about dropping the price than about where you should be advertising. Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Right region of the stick, I am concerned about maximising interest but house is not on the market yet. Price is the one aspect of that which I can control and intend to price it at a per sq foot level which is low for the area. I am asking about myhome and daft with a view to choosing estate agent.

Trying to decide whether to go with one of the big names because they claim their marketing is better - branch network, customer database, property newsletters etc - or one of the smaller guys who claim they are better because property will not get lost in the pile and “anyway once it is on myhome and daft I guarantee anyone who is looking for that sort of house will see it, irrespective of the agent”

Both myhome.ie and daft.ie have (different) market niches where one of them dominates and the other is very secondary or completely squeezed out. So perhaps that is healthy for the property market in that they both can survive for the time being and compete in the overlap between their strong niches.

I would have thought myhome.ie’s niche is house sales; while that of daft is rental.

A quick look a new properties on myhome and daft in the past X days will quickly show that a lot of properties are not listing on daft for sale.

Regarding the OP,

My feeling is that
(i) anyone who is looking to buy a property will look at myhome.
(ii) people by and large have a ball park idea of price and location where they want to buy.

Hence people who want to buy in Clontarf will not be looking at houses in Celbridge…and so on. Buyers dont do random searches, they do defined searches.

In other words, if you are on myhome, at the right price, then the right people will find you.

If you are priced to high, then the buyer is left guessing as to how much of a discount you will take.

Finally, aside from the online, I’ve noted a property local to me that is not on myhome. However I was passing the place yesterday and a viewing was being held. My guess is that a number of similar properties were already sold by an Estate Agent in the area, some of these resulted in bidding wars, that the were a number of disappointed parties, and that the Estate Agent was confident enough to confine the sale to these parties.