Off-Beat Estate Agents

Have you got any links to regional estate agents who deserve a wider audience? Or maybe a link to a little known specialist agent?

Here’s a couple to get the thread going…

Schiller and Schiller, IrishProperties. Sligo agent with an interesting list of rural cottages and houses. Probably of interest to continental types looking for holiday homes or relocations.

Helen Cassidy, Based in Clonbur, Co, Galway and specialising in a spectacular range of Lakeshore and Seashore Properties, Castles, Islands, Cottages, Manor Houses and Historical dwellings… Lots of interesting stuff.

Anyone got any more links they’d like to share? Any links to regional land agents, by any chance?

Shiller & Shiller ? Property shills R us then ?

I’d recommend Helen Cassidy’s site if you need fodder for those lottery win daydreams.

I used Castle to sell our apt, quite good but expensive.

Green Valley properties

Quiite funny in parts

Those prices are crazy, and their listings are painful to search through. Totally unrealistic valuations.