Off topic maybe? Once-off share dealing?

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I had a dig around on AAM regarding this before and quickly got confused :wink:

I have a share certificate, the just one, from an employee purchase scheme in my last employer, a UK PLC.

I’ve decided that I want to sell them, don’t see them moving much in either direction at the moment and they’re worth about about double what I paid for them, so I want to cash out :slight_smile:

I remember reading about somewhere that did these once off trades; you posted them the share certificate and an instruction to sell, and they sold the shares, took an admin fee, and sent you back a cheque for the balance.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Doesn’t need to be that place, just needs to be of the ‘once-off’ variety, nothing too fancy! The value’s between 2K and 3K if that has any bearing on commission, etc?

Incidentally, if anyone thinks the Euro’s about to tank relative to Sterling, feel free to share that info too :wink:

Some companies will allow you to sell your shares to them for a small fee (Vodafone is one); however, most don’t.

I’ve used Sharewatch. They charged a flat rate fee (€50) for transactions that are less than €15,000.

Some companies share registrar now provide such a service. I know Computershare in Ireland were offering such a service a few years ago but I dont know if they still do. Find out who the registrar is and see if the registrar offers a share selling service