Oh, Canada...


Surely now he will resign


City Council is reluctant to vote to ask the province to intervene because it might set a precedent for such votes over less dramatic issues e.g. anything else. Barring such a push, the big man seems unlikely to jump of his own accord. After all, it’s his first real job.


“I love that guy”


A man of contrasts, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford leads his ‘nation’ in controversy - -> edition.cnn.com/2013/11/15/world … d-profile/


Controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford stripped of powers

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The law’s delay - a Canadian problem too:

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And more fallout from Mr. Ford’s shenanigans:

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Canada ‘the new Australia’ for Irish workers as brain drain continues -> irishcentral.com/news/Canada … 21111.html


Sixty percent! :open_mouth:


The WSJ has the full table from Deutsche Bank.



Shocking that Spanish house prices are still overvalued.


Is it really yogan? When they have a FG-style party in power? The connection between Francoism, the Blueshirts and international Corporatism runs strong.


Yeah, it is really. It’s not the political thing, it’s the whole ‘markets will eventually self-level’ thing. Politics should really not be able to do much about that. For sure FF tried for so long to rig the market here and failed. Given the economic situation in Spain, you’d think that getting to a stage where unsold stock is affordable would be a good thing to clear the backlog and so spark new construction.

Of course, I agree with you that the necessity of ‘saving’ bust banks outweighs economic recovery in the modern political mind, but it is nonetheless depressing.


Troubled Toronto mayor, Rob Ford in latest video scandal



‘I wouldn’t know the man if he fell on me’

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