Oh, Canada...



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That’s a very brave man.
I’d have run a mile.
What does he know that I don’t.

I’ll eat my hat if that’s all he gets away with.


He knows a lot that the rest of us don’t.
In the 2008 financial meltdown US govt. asked him to step in with $5B to shore up Goldman Sachs, and he took them to the cleaners over the terms…don’t forget the Barbecue Sauce for your hat… :slight_smile:


Oh undoubtedly he’s an investment genius.
The greatest ever.
But I can’t help but think he’s stepping in too early.
The Canadian economy could influence the bank more than he can.


Given Buffets long history of Soros style de facto insider trading (despite all that folksy Nebraska shit) and using insurance company cash flows to hide a multitude of sins (a la Sean Quinn) and as a cheap source of float finance my guess is that its a straight heads I win, tails you lose loan shark deal. If the company goes belly up the Canadian government gives him his money back through a bailout and if not he asset strips whatever is of value and walks away with his 10% plus p.a on cash loaned. Plus I’m sure the deal will give him some new and interesting leverage over various parties.

Buffet, despite all the Will Rogers style hokum, is just another Wall St operator. A High Plains Gordon Gekko. His very very careful image management over the decades has been way too studied to be plausible. Amadeo Giannini who founded Bank of America was more of the real deal. He had his rough edges which made his public persona a lot more believable. Buffet has always been way too smooth to be anything other than an act. A bullshit artist.

So to answer your question, its a loan shark deal. All upside, no downside.


Although very few Wall Street types still invested for 20+ years in the same core companies that underlie their business.


Agreed. Its always insider dealing and worse with those who outperform.


He’s already up $275M on the deal…

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Oh Canada… XX

Islamic terrorist who killed an American soldier and blinded another in Afghanistan receives $10.5 in compensation and an apology from Liberal government after being “mistreated” by the Americans at Guantanamo Bay.


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