Oh, Canada...






Even canada’s central banker realises they are in a property bubble
usa may never fully recover


Mortgage pullback hints of housing crisis



bubble time


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while in toronto last summer, all I heard was unending, “I cant believe those condos are going for 2 million blather blather” .much like Dublin in 2005. wonder where the bubble chasers will look for work after the crash?


Toronto Condo Bubble Risk Topping New York


they’ll need a Royal Mounted NAMA to take care of all those condos in downtown Toronto


An Bord Snip arrives in Ontario:

Here is the report:



anything striking in this graph?

Good article on canada’s bubble

macrobusiness.com.au/2012/02 … n-onselen/




That sentence is at war with itself. If there is a crash, it will matter and they may be forced from their overpriced home.


bubbling along nicely

theglobeandmail.com/life/hom … le2347290/


Vancouver B.C. vs. Donegal Ireland Real Estate: What Will $890,000 Buy?
globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. … nalysis%29

Donegal, Ireland

With those bargain listings in hand, let’s consider a single property sale that just took place in Ireland. The previous price for the Sandhouse Hotel located in Donegal, Ireland sold at auction was $6 million.


Ah now it’s not much of a view in fairness. Do you know when it was last bought, and by whom?



I love Donegal but man is that one ugly building. Should feature in my upcoming book, “The Art & Architecture of Brown Envelopes”.

Was in it for lunch once. Ugly. So what is the love affair with puke colours? Everything is often grey with nature adding a touch of colour in the form of moss green and mildew but then when we do colours we do puke or salmon puke. What gives? Same with landlords and their painters are they all colour blind? I am allergic to salmon puke.

I love Donegal quite for the fact houses are built in defiance of the landscape proudly atop and at wonderfully juxtaposed angles quite randomly anywhere and everywhere. I can’t help thinking the same might apply to this ugly yoke but as you can see it went awfully wrong.

The placement of some the houses I saw on a recent rainy summers holiday makes me think the wind shear does be adding thousands onto the cost of heating the place so it does. Don’t mention the “Ber”.

By the way if anyone is building a house and has the chance don’t forget to include planting a few trees as part of your thermal design. Trees give out heat at night and also protect form wind sheer and who cares if its not in the BER test. Universe knows what to do.


Yeah some of the stuff thrown up in Donegal was ridiculous to say the least (although I’m sure there was many a decent place denied planning permission). Rossnowlagh is a bit of a strange spot in ways; there is no town as such, just holiday homes and caravan parks.



Having done and passed the B.E.R assessors course about three years ago, ( but not practiced as such) I do seem to remember that there was mention of the affect of trees on a building, and the shade etc that could be caused by them. So I would suggest positioning is ultra important.
( Too lazy to dig out the notes right now).