OH! MY! GOD!! Auctioneers.

As in Literally .

I will gladly smoke some of whatever these guys are having !!!

Next up I suppose

OMG Auctioneers, haha, I thought that was a joke at first.



OMG have you checked out their outlook for the future :smiley:

graphs and pics to follow :smiley: :smiley:

Unfortunately this chart:

might soon have have a longer bar that includes these folks:

And lots of building labourers.

Thanks Blindjustice BATONEFFECT. Some interesting reading.

By the way like the sig…makes me think that Lemmy would make an interesting economist.

You know I’m born to lose
specuvesting’s for fools
but that’s the way I like it baby
house prices do not rise forever
…and don’t forget the mortgage broker!

Some interesting things here:
Interest rates 4.5% in 2008
Unemployment 7% in 2009
Yields to stay low.

While there is negative truth put on some of the outlook, the picture the stats are painting is grim!

I notice that they mention 10% vacancy rate for industrial above but do not mention the 15% vacancy rate for residential :smiley:

Its all about spin