Oh Noes, they want to reveal selling price to the Neighbours

What, no more boasting about the ever-increasing value of her property for Isabel??


Isabel only got to boast about the ever-increasing value of her property for a decade.

The government must act to stop this terrible scourge that is being visited upon our chattering classes and restore Isabel’s boasting rights, i mean entitlements, immediately!!

I mean, what is country coming to? At this rate *ordinary people *are going to be able to afford houses again?!? It’s an affront to common decency after everything we’ve been through. I mean, after buying that house for IR34,000 in 1981, and now they tell me I’d be lucky to get 5 million for it!!! It’s outrageous.

And most importantly of all, where is the world’s smallest violin when you need it most !!???

VIs and IAVA are tripping over each other trying to assure us that they would love to tell all, but privacy & data protection legislation forbids it. Why then would confidentiality clauses be required?

And to think the German ambassador was pilloried.

Dont you just love the hypocrisy of it all, I mean how dare they even think of divulging wot one recieved for ones abode in Dfore! :unamused:

They lapped it up on the way up now its time to suck it up on the way down with the rest of us. :open_mouth:

“2006 - arguably the peak of the boom”

What sort of a rock were you under for the past 5 years Isabel, there is no arguing about it !!??

(In the words of Oscar Wilde) “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”

What a conundrum…

I’m finding it hard to believe this woman is not a parody - but you just couldn’t make this stuff up…

Hmmm. Was it a boom or a bubble Isabel?

What are your criteria for establishing fair value for an asset?

After applying your rigorous valuation techniques, is Irish residential property currently undervalued in your estimation?

If you think so, then you’re in luck Isabel, because there’s absolutely bucketloads of it for sale. :smiling_imp:

So stop your whinging Isabel, get out there and buy!!